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  1. I'm planning on buying a Canon S2 IS, its 5MP and 12X zoom and I've heard good reviews on it.
  2. I'm working on a set of ASE but UNC in MS69 NGC
  3. OK guys, give me break, my mistake, $609 each
  4. My boss is getting 5 of them at $109each, I've ordered one from him. I'm not getting the PF, too expensive.
  5. I agree I like the UNC too. In anycase it would be cheaper now than later.
  6. While searching Ebay for commemoratives, one thing I've noticed there are far more PF in the market than UNC. Is there a reason for this? If I DO start a collection I can't seem to decide whether to collect UNC or PF?
  7. I use it for my Lincoln proofs, I like how the black brings out the reddish.
  8. WOW, Nice Bunny!! I was thinking of starting a collection but I can't afford to have both versions. Maybe I'll do a type set of modern commems.
  9. Thanks Art, Are they valuable as the originals?
  10. Did Vatican issue a Scool girl commemorative? The vatican euros that I have seem to be different. Here's a picture of the coins I'm asking about!!
  11. I received the Buffalo Commemoratives, UNC & PF versions. Take a look!!
  12. They're beautiful!! I'm going see whether there's a way I can buy them.
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