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  1. send me a pm with your addy i've got extra's of both
  2. hey dock pm me your addy and i'll get 1 for ya, do you need the curling one as well
  3. i would guess sept 9 and it be a nickle
  4. you did good on getting this one it start at $110 in good condition, vg $180, f $275, vf $360, ef $475, au $700, 60bn $1,000, 62rb $1,250, 63rd $2,400 but if it's been cleaned well tnen prices willbe a bit different.
  5. the no 'p' nickle is the lowest minted out of all 3
  6. i can get a few rolls from the bank p.m. me if anyone wants a quarter and i'll see what i can do in return if anyone can i'm starting to collect u.s. coins for my son and i'll take as a trade
  7. at his foot on the left hand side you will see a gap where there should be grass but there is none.my son has 1 in his collection and his is worth $20.00
  8. I would tend to agree with ya ccg they don't look like they would have been a pl set, you would still see some of the shine from it. the toning is still nice thou
  9. you should get alot of intrest for coins here
  10. that it very neat toning, put my name in to please
  11. after magnifying the pics it looks like you have a small date, no shoulder fold in ef it goes for $6 anything lower than that in grading is valued at BV
  12. great looking coins but the price ouch
  13. we have our winner way to go pm me your addy
  14. we do have the right month given but not the day
  15. 3 people are close but not guessed yet
  16. I have a new $2 coin up for grabs, this coin has the double date with the mint mark and the slightly new design of the bear. Just guess the answer to this question What day and month did me and QC start going togeather if noone guesses correct by next Friday whoever is the closet will win
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