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  1. Rather than reposting the same message here as in the for sale forum, please view my post there; I have 1923 and 1935 scarcer banknotes that I will consider trades for, not too keen on banknotes, I'm still more of a coin guy, but let me know what you have an we'll chat. Thanks
  2. After a dog's age of noy being on the site, I figured it was time to make another appearance; I have some descent harder to find earlier Canadian Banknotes for sale or trade, throw me an offer if you are interested, I am going to attempt to provide some scans of the notes, grades should be approximate, prices marked on notes are Canadian Catalogue Prices, so roughly 80% of the marked price would be equivalent to U.S. funds.Catalogue numbers are from the Canadian Charlton banknote book, the one used by all dealers and collector's in Canada, so prices should be fairly accurate, although the pric
  3. Been seeing a psychotherapist sir; She seems to think I may be bi-polar, and something with manic episodes...I still think I am just plain nuts haha
  4. No offers yet, ok; How about $35.00 for all 4 pieces, delivered to U.S. or Canada. I'll post it here shortly before it goes to ebay. Figured someone may toss an offer in, guess I'll do it. Long as I know who you are, you can send payment after lot reaches you. I'll leave it here until Wednesday night, I may consider a trade or counteroffer, just pm me please, still into miliatry stuff and German coins from pre-war to current.
  5. Just checked the weight of the 2 sterling pieces, they weigh 34 grams net each, according to my shipping scale, which I use for ebay. That would mean 34 grams at 925 sterling would be 31.45 grams pure silver each, making them just over a troy ounce (31.1 grams) of silver each. I'm still unsure about the other 2 soccer pieces, if anyone has info. it would be appreciated.
  6. Well folks, about time I popped back on after such a long absence. For some odd reason I have taken somewhat of an interest in coinage again, it always comes back funny. The 2 silver animal pieces are stamped "sterling", the other 2 from the 1982 soccer thingie don't appear to have stampings, maybe someone has a bit more info. than I do, the soccer ones came in a blue velvet type case. Just looking for an offer here, not looking to retire, so I'll entertain any offers. I don't have approximate weight on these at this time, but that can be easily done within a day if anyone wants weights. Thank
  7. I have for sale, approximately (mixed dates) 4x50 pfennig, 15x1 mark, 50x2 mark, 2x5 mark(non commemorative), 20x5 mark commemorative(1970,s and 80's issues, I don't believe any are silver), as well as a 1991 circulated 20 dm note and a 1989, circulated 100 dm note. I figured I would offer all here, prior to ebay listing, total in German marks is 347 mark. I will accept payment by paypal, postal money order or cash (although not recommended, but I have never had a problem in sending or receiving cash). You can either pm me or e-mail me directly at franzdew@hotmail.com, either with offers or qu
  8. I have for sale, The Order of The Red Banner, a seemingly scarce Russian medal, it is genuine and numbered 523064, medal in around vf condition, ribbon has some discoloration, a very nice overall collectible piece. These are running from $150 to $200 U.S. on ebay, I'm asking $100 U.S. delivered by expresspost in Canada and U.S. Please Pm me for scans, I am having problems uploading pics ontot the site. Thanks Below is a link to a Red banner medal, not mine, but identical, except for ribbon on mine is a bit dirty http://home.att.net/~david.danner/militari...ed_Banner_1.jpg
  9. I have for sale, a 1933 dated hitler medallion, commemorative coin of the NSDAP taking power in 1933. (Eagle breaking his chains) Roughly translated, In the future Adolf Hitler, 1933 a turning point year for the fate of Germans. Medallion appears to be bronze composite,roughly the size of a Canadian silver dollar, stamped "Bayer. Munzhauptamt" on the side, xf-au condition, a real beauty! I have been having problems trying to post pics on the site, I can email scans of the piece. I saw a similar one, but silver in colour and not as nice on a site for $95 U.S., can't even find 1 on ebay, A very
  10. Ok, you are all really hurting my Christmas budget, but I think I can scavenge 53 cents from the Laundry fund
  11. 45 cents; This may cut in to our food budget, might just have to steal a turkey this year instead of buying one
  12. I have a really descent Minolta af 5000 camera outfit, shot lots of pics with this system on my German trip, but am switching camera outfits again. Also included in the kit is a Quantaray QTB-7500A flash, top of flash unit can be adjusted up or down, as well as rotated, I also have the coking filter accessory kit, including adaptor rings for both lenses, 1 filter mounting kit, and the following coking special effects filters: star2(A058), grad-fluorescent red2 filter(A665),star 4 (A057), sunset2(A198), mirage (A220),sunset 1 (197),Gradual fog2(151)-the numbers are the cokin reference numbers-
  13. In person "trade" in Germany, simply fantastic!!!!!
  14. I am actually trying to raise some paypal cash so I can pay for another purchase from a site member. That's what happens when you buy a car from a car dealer's auction thet he insited had been there for 6 months, found out later it had been sitting over 2 years
  15. I can't tell you exactly, but my guess is from around the 70's. I know they do well on ebay, there are a lot of collectors of such bars(not a selling ploy )
  16. 5 oz. bar is sold, now taking offers on the 10 oz. (how easy it goes, first offer got the 5 oz. bar)Don't wait, it will be gone soon too.
  17. I have 2 silver bars for sale, I will take the first reasonable offer on them(either 1 or both, take your pick); If no offer is presented, they will have to go up on ebay, shipping is free to Canada and U.S. by tracked, insured mail. Don't be shy to make an offer, I have a feeling they won't last long. I would prefer payment by paypal if possible, or will take U.S. or Canadian money order. The bars can be viewed in my personal photo album, still having problems posting images in advertisements.PM me if interested. Thanks (I was able to upload the 5oz. bar, but the 10 oz. wouldn't load, as fil
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