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What I bought at the show today


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1872 Indian Head Cent PCGS PR65RB Mintage of 950 or so



1873 Indian Head Cent NGC PR66RB Mintage of 1,100 or so



1881 Indian Head Cent NGC PR64RB Mintage of 3,575



1887 Indian Head Cent PCGS PR66RB Mintage of 2,960



1894 Indian Head Cent RAW Mintage:2,632



1909 Indian Head Cent NGC PR66RB Mintage 2,175




I bought 1 yesterday and 5 today the pictures don't do these coins any justice.....they are AMAZING

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:ninja:  ;)  Art is going to be very jealous.



Jealous, jealouse :lol: I'm not jealous---sure my tears are flooding the keyboard but it's an allergy thing -- yeah an allergy. I'm allergic to............... being jealous.


They are beautiful. Good luck with them.



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actitually guys I have my suspicions that the 1894 has been lightly cleaned.....   I got it for $300 so I couldn't pass.....


I sure don't see it in the pics on my monitor but you have the advantage of having it in hand. I wouldn't kick it out of my collection. :ninja:

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