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New designs for Coinpeople notes


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Just a heads up for those people that don't venture into the British forum often (or at all).


Following on from the Series A notes issued by the Imperial Bank of Coinpeople, i am pleased to announce that the designs for the 2006 Series B notes have now been completed and can be found here;


Series B




Full details of the mintage of Series A and the accidental varieties that turned up on these notes due to me not checking as thoroughly as i should are now listed. The early issues will have the errors listed, the later issues are notes corrected.


Series A - See here


Series B notes will be released on 1 December 2005 and anyone doing trades with me after that date should hopefully find one or two of the new notes enclosed as gifts. Anyone conducting trades with me before that date will continue to recieve the remaining stocks of Series A notes.

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Remind me to put you down for one of each denomination, free of charge (i.e no shipping).


If anyone else wants any, do say so. I'll keep a list and then closer to the time i'll start taking shipping addresses. I'll probably only send out about a dozen or so though.

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The British part of the forum is an Empire! :ninja:


Forum being such a Roman word, and Britannia the symbol of Britain is also of Roman origin. So i'm kinda playing on a Roman theme more with this series. Last series really didn't catch on, designs were mediocre. But PCI started out on rocky foundations...


Although the real reason for calling it the 'Imperial Bank of Coinpeople', was to distinguish it from Mister McDoo's 'Bank of Coinpeople' (which seemingly no longer exists).


But yep i'll add you to the list too Jeff! ;)

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Hang on a minute. I actually owe you a coin (actually two) that you won as prizes in that music competition i held. I haven't forgotten, i was gonna throw some A series ones in anyhow! ;)


Awesome. I look forward to that package! :ninja:



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Well you'll get half a set of Series B when you take part in the Coinpeople currency thing. (You get plenty of spares of whatever denomination you get, so the denomination you don't get you'll have to trade for, which is the point of the currency thing! So you'll get a full set sooner or later)


Series A i'm nearly clean out of but i have one last full set available, it will include the last 5 and the last green 10 in stock.


The green tens are scarce (half of the mintage is actually an error variety). The fives were just as scarce but due to a series of events it seems they are now even rarer. 15 were printed, two i kept for myself. Two are here (one for you, one reserved for Auldfartte), that leaves 11 in theory. However at least one (and possibly three or four, i forget how many i sent) well went out in a package that never showed up... so in reality only about 6-10 of them are actually out there.


So it might be one you want to hold onto. Pink 20s are even rarer... there's three of them out there somewhere. I know where two of them are... where the third one is though... i can not remember. (Although they were issued for British PCI... so Auldfartte will get one in addition to the purple 20 he requested).

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