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Edge Type on 1796 EM 10 Kopecks


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I recently acquired a very nice 1796 EM Paul's overstrike. The coin's edge has clear remains of the rope edge under the newly applied netted edge. As I understand this is not uncommon, and there are many coins with traces of the rope edge, and even rare 1796 overstrikes with a fully roped edge. My coin also has a clearly visible M from the undercoin's mint mark. From what I have read all 1796 EM overstrikes are minted on mint marked 10 kopeck coins, I assume with the EM mint mark.


What I find puzzling is that all catalogs have the 10 kopecks EM with the netted edge. The AM coin has the rope edge. So were the 1796 EM 5 kopecks minted on AM coins, or more likely the EM 1796 10 kopecks has the rope edge, same as the over cypher 10 kopecks?









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I am very careful about fakes, and was not sure about this one either. But now seeing the edge I am sure that this is an original and one of the finest around :bthumbsup:

As to the edge it looks like the rope design \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (edge 6) was applied over the net design XXXXXXXXX (edge 5). I would say the latest edge (6) counts. This would make it the Bitkin 110 (R3).

I both congratulate and envy my friend Alex.




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Thank you gentelmen! The coin is indeed very striking.


As far as the edge goes, I think it is XXXXXXXX over \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ over XXXXXXXX.

Hi Alex,

I agree coin just rare (mix edge).Last time I see finest 1796 R3 coin at Aalborg auction.

Something about details of the coin looks different to me, edge is okey.

Would be great see coin in the hands.


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From what I've been told and read on the russian forums, both EM and AM always re-edged the coins. I was even told that the only known 1796 10 kop. EM has the rope edge! Not clear where the inforamtion of the EM netted edge came from, but it appears to be one of those propogated refernce errors.


At the same time, I am told, that the other mints that partcipated in the project did not re-edge their coins. I'm not sure how that's possible, does anyone have a non mintmarked 10 kopecks coin? Don't they have the rope edge?

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I just checked the MIM site, and they sold 12 1796 10 kopeck coins without mintmark that had netted edge, and 0 with rope edge!


My guess is that if the no mint mark rope edge coin exists, it has the KM edge ////////////////////


Has anyone ever seen a common 1793 EM overstrike with the //////////////////// edge?

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