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Hello everyone :)


I've recently started a world coin collection in order to help my son learn history and geography. I purchased a Bundesbank lot on ebay some time ago and we had a great time going through the coins and identifying them. We've also purchased a couple of other smaller lots and had a few coins passed down from my great-grandfather during the war, and my father had collected a few as a chauffeur in San Francisco, I've also had a few given to me by friends from Brazil, France, Japan and Zimbabwe. Some of them were quite interesting. We've cleaned some of them, perhaps we're not supposed to do that but we don't have much of an interest in the value of the coins and it really makes them look beautiful :). Once they are cleaned and scanned we put them in those little square cardboard holders, mark them and staple closed as I'm sure most of you do. We've posted some on a wiki here: http://ourhistorytold.wikidot.com/coin-collection - but now I've learned from the introduction about OmniCoin and may join there to post. We hope to learn more and perhaps become new numismatic enthusiasts.


- Dale

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Hello Dale and welcome to CoinPeople. Coins are a great way to learn about the world. Keep it up and the kids will continue to benefit. :bthumbsup:

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Certainly a worthwhile project, perhaps you should browse the exonumia forum as commemorative medals & tokens are a great source of historical information. Old medal do not have to be expensive & quite often they are in great condition as most were never circulated just put in a safe place.

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