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  5. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Lots-of-Motts
  6. Cleaning off my desk. Here is what I found that needs a new home in your collection! ALL .99 Auctions No Reserve, Free Shipping, 100% Feedback Problem Free Transaction Guranteed! I was a Top-Rated Power Seller until I moved. but lost my status Featured Items are but not exclude: 3 Woody Wheat Cents Gold Plated Walker Holographic Walker 3 Capital Plastic Silver Proof Set Lot India Proof Sets 1902,1907,1909 IHC, 1909 VDB, 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel Lot 1932 and 1933 PD Wheat Cent Set 1911 D, 1912 D , 1913 D, 1915 D, 1915 S Wheat Set and Much more! ALSO MANY BUY IT NOW OR BEST OFFER ITEMS! Come by and check it out! http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Lots-of-Motts
  7. A little bit of everything listed on eBay the last few days. Silver Proofs Mercury Dimes Walking Libertys Foreign Coins Super Bowl Ring Morgan Dollars Peace Dollars Seated Liberty Dimes and Half Dimes Large Cents Wheat Cents Three Cent Pieces Buffalo Nickels Two Cent Pieces RPM JFKS and much more! Adding over 200 more over the next few days plus lots of auctions starting Sunday Night! Don't Miss out the fun! Only At Lots of Motts! http://stores.shop.e...m/Lots-of-Motts
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  10. http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Lots-of-Motts
  11. Lots of stuff hitting our store in the next few days. All of these items will hopefully be up by the weekend. PM me for any questions comments or concerns. http://stores.shop.e...m/Lots-of-Motts
  12. Seated Liberty Dimes and Quarters Wheat Cents Large Cents and Much More! Follow the link below.
  13. .99 Cent Auction Galore! Large Cents JFK Proofs JFK Silver Proofs Seated Liberty Dimes and Quarters Seated Liberty Love Tokens! Wheat Cents 1876 Trade Dollar 1876CC Seated Lib Quarter Lots Lots More. Over 200 Auctions! LotsofMotts on eBay.
  14. 11 Rolls of Indian Head Cents Ending tonight in 20 minutes! (From 9:34pm CT) Plus many other great auctions. New items being added all night. Stop by and check it out!
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