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Price trends

William Travis Focker

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I think most of us here have bought and sold notes and experienced the joys of taking gains or the pain of taking losses upon reselling something that you didn't need for your collection or were simply holding onto as an investment.


My general impression is that low-value notes (the kind you find in "100 uncirculated world notes for $100" lots always stay that way--otherwise I am less certain. It seems as though some Far Eastern notes have gone up in value, certainly. English notes seem fairly stagnant (even the older ones) but many colonial notes with no face value have appreciated quite a bit since I started collecting.


Any observations folks here are willing to share?

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I collect worldwide "French" notes, and the hottest area is Africa, with prices jumping every time I look, it seems. I have seen no drop in the last few years of any French print notes, but other areas don't seem to be climbing as fast.


No surprise on the "100 notes for $100" style packets, there is no numismatic value to those, they're mostly just charging what it costs to package and sell them.



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French printed notes from Africa are HOT HOT HOT right now. China is hot also. Europe is flat lining as is S. America and the rest of Asia.


The older stuff from Africa that I bought even a couple of years ago has appreciated very well. I wished I had bought more China stuff a few years ago, but I missed that opportunity for the most part.

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Australian notes, especially pre-decimal always seem to go up in value, especially in high grades.


I believe that New Zealand notes are growing in value, again especially pre-decimal


I'm starting to collect kiwi pre-decimal & what British Malaya & Borneo/Straits Settlements notes I can afford as I can only see these note going up in value.

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