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  1. It's because of the muttonchops on the bloke on the 1000 Colones note
  2. And continuing from my additions from yesterday... Russia
  3. I went to the ANDA Coin & Banknote show in Melbourne today and must say I think I did quite well for myself, focusing on international notes. Here is my bounty for the day Hong Kong - current series HSBC notes. New Zealand Albania
  4. Dirty money in printing money http://www.theage.com.au/business/former-securency-bosses-arrested-20110701-1gtr8.html Federal police have charged two Reserve Bank of Australia currency firms, Securency and Note Printing Australia, along with several of the company's former senior managers with paying massive bribes to foreign officials in order to win banknote supply contracts. In a series of dawn raids, AFP agents swooped on houses across Melbourne, arresting six former senior executives of Securency and Note Printing Australia, companies which are respectively half and fully owned and overseen by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/former-securency-bosses-arrested-20110701-1gtr8.html#ixzz1QqeTK2V9 It's shaping up as one of Australia's biggest corruption trails and it will be interesting to see who heads roll!
  5. I do believe that Her Majesty will be getting the boot from the new series of Fijian notes.
  6. Was it the "The stamp shop" in Devon St East? because that's the only one I could find a listing of in NP. Looks like the nearest option in Parmy North were I could find two listings Harbour City Coins & Palmerston North Stamp Centre. I never dealt with any of these companies as I live across the ditch so I can't vouch for them. Outside of that you'd be looking at Auckland or Wellington. Hope that helps!
  7. Yes we need pics if you want any opinion on the coins in questions. It would also both worth speaking to some dealers in your area for valuations.
  8. Those notes look very impressive! Looks like the polymer notes will be produced in their raw form in Melbourne, Australia with final printing done in Canada. I think I have to get a hand on a set of these!
  9. Picked up a set of 3 x consecutive serials 1966 Coombs/Wilson $20 ("EXAMPLE" on pic is a post scan edit I did, not part of the actual notes)
  10. I'm surprised it's taken three and a half years for someone to comment but the coin on the left is an Aussie $2 - not a NZ coin at all.
  11. I'm going to be honest, I've never seen a slabbed banknote & I don't recall seeing a slabbed coin either! Slabbing isn't part of the Australian numismatic culture, I think it's a North American thing. As a side discussion would their be any benefits of slabbing (or removable plastic casing) banknotes in tropical regions were humidity is often not the friend of the paper note?
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