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Look what just rolled in


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When I got my cash till from work today, I did a quick comb through the change as part of my daily ritual. One dime caught my eye as being abnormally shiny, almost like it had never been touched before. I flipped it over, and here's what I found:




I'm almost always the first to notice a coin come through at work, but I have several friends who act as extra pairs of eyes for me. I told them to be on the lookout for any of the new 2010 dimes, and during a dead spot one of the cashiers called me over and asked if I wanted all of them. I asked her exactly what she meant by "all" and after a quick count-- 64!!!


And on top of that...








I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone!

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I only just got a 2009 Capitol cent in change yesterday. I still think I got more 2009 Ukrainian coins last year than I have seen of USA coins in the past four months dated 2009. I have seen several 2009 dated Canadians in change though, but I doubt I will see 2010 dated USA coins until much later in the year.

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On my recent drive to North Carolina, I finally!!! got a 2009-P dime! It was BU, so I put it in my shirt pocket so I wouldn't spend it, then put it safely in a 2x2 when I got home. I don't know that the final mintage was, but I've got to think the 2009 coins are the lowest mintage in the clad series meant for circulation.


Oh, and this happened almost a year after I got my first 2009 dime in Canada!

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It's kind of sad that we have several threads devoted to the lack of 2009 and 2010 coins! If we were told 3 years ago that we'd have these kind of threads, no one would have believed it!

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