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Mr B

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Good evening all, i was kindly advised i might want to post this one here.Seems to be something out the norm,thoughts appreciated ;)

If I could help you I would.LoL

But I don't have a clue..I am still in a state of confusion with my Abe's... :ninja:

Maybe one of the big dog's will come in a minute and know all about it.. ;):yes:;) Sorry!!

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I'm not absolutely sure but the reverse seems to have a clash line going from the one going up toward the center. Also I wonder where it fits in here. I don't know if this would be the same one prior to being reworked but check out the S-22


Since you have it in hand it would probably be better for you to compare to any that fit. Pictures may be able to get a general idea but having in hand and being able to roll the coin back and forth in light really is the only sure way.

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Hi Mark , i think you nailed it dude , the S22.Im unsure what you mean about the reverse but ill have another look under better light.Im convinced it is the S22 prior to be reworked though.


Ill tell you a funny story while im here.I knew there were very few years these were made (1856-1858) and as it happened on the night i bought mine there were two for sell.

Both different years , i remember thinking id pull the trigger on both barrels and bag both birds as they ended at the same time.Mine was better condition though and i settled for the one.

So last night im browsing and see an 1856 for $10k :ninja: i couldnt for the life of me remember which year the flying eagle was that id let go other than it was not 1857,checked the red book OMG i should have known better but my heart sank..noooooooooooooooooooo ...how could i be so stupid ???


As i say....should have known better , it was an 1858 ...whew..

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