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  1. Thanx!!!! LoL http://picasaweb.google.com/PennyLoafer63/...423102102808418
  2. I think maybe it could be??? LoL Does this look like a doubled die,or would it be SD? http://picasaweb.google.com/PennyLoafer63/...058922039755618
  3. Ahaaaaaa,we now know what you do when you're not here! Watchin them there belly dancing girl's eh? Sorry,I couldn't resist on that one...
  4. Aww,I wish I could help but I don't know the 1st thing about those,I only do Lincoln Cent's,but I saw you'd posted and hadn't had a reply yet so just wanted to tell you someone for sure will know,most are working or multitasking but as soon as they get in they'll help!! Don't tell them I said it,but they're pretty smart....LoL
  5. Hi Rigo, And Welcome to Coinpeople! You'll make friend's and learn too alot too !! LoL
  6. Well my Goodness! Now it show's up.....ROFL! After i wrote this one!
  7. Hmmmm,I had replied here and got to noticing,most of the post's I made today aren't showing up? And it doesn't log me in automatically now? So what Am I doing wrong now? Assuming this one post's??
  8. I'm no pro here either.LoL But it could be a rotated die?? One of the smarter one's here ...LoL will help you but I didn't want you to think nobody saw your post,but I know someone else here will know right away! Welcome to CoinPeople!
  9. :hysterical:Hey,that remark resemble's me!
  10. Definately is a good write-up! It's hard to grasp all this sometimes but that help's!! Usually it's hard to see it in the pix but I could see his very well!!!!!!
  11. Welcome to the forum David,I think you'll find all the help you need here just not by me...LoL i Cherrypick Lincoln cent Roll's myself and am fairly new here!!! But I wanted to Welcome You to CoinPeople!
  12. You should put this up for newcomer's in beginner's section,it is a BIG help!!!
  13. That was a great help..Thank You! I think I see what you mean now by the relief?? And I actually do see exactly what you are saying! Me?? Caught on?? Not an expert yet but closer.....LoL
  14. I am slowly trying to get the hang of true doubling,I colored this pic so you can see it better since all i have is a scanner..LoL But I think it look's doubled to me but focus on the T of Liberty and give me your opinion's? Thanx as Always!! http://picasaweb.google.com/PennyLoafer63/OpinionPic#
  15. My last 4 roll's have had nothing in them to boast about.....Sure miss finding my oldie's! Got my eye's and finger's crossed though!
  16. Hi and Welcome Chump, first time I ever called someone a Chump....LoL
  17. I found a 1991 LM cent that is silver but I don't think it was alway's silver for some reason,I scanned it but it doesn't show the color with scan,is there chemical's people use to make it that color?? actually it's an aluminum looking color! Thanks as Always!!! http://picasaweb.google.com/PennyLoafer63/91Silver#
  18. I'm sorry I don't know Stujoe but at the same time I feel like I've been here from day one and know everyone........almost like a lil coin family..LoL I don't have a clue who started it or own's it but Thank God for them and all the people who make it the way it is!!!!!!!!! Even though I can't name them all..LoL My hat's off to every coin peep here!! Home is my security and now I found that CP is the same,I feel like i belong here too,though some may disagree because of my big ole mouff !!!!
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