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    coins, 9ball pool, unusual door keys emphasis on brass, seashells, stamps, sudoku, chess, New York crossword puzzle, going out friday nights, pilsen beer, walking and yoga

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  1. Thank you for your comments on you visit, I am still looking for the best picture to post and that would be preety soon. I also agree 100% that Mr. Dumpty was pushed, most likely by one of the king's men who then was trying intently to put him together again! But alas! not possible!

    Have a wonderful christmas!

  2. Thank You CoinHunter!

    No Thanks Needed here tho!

    Well,I see we are both in dream phrase,LoL

    Marvelous and Comic oriented!

    & I am certain you noticed I can gab with the best of em' Maybe not in person..LoL But here I do!

    I like my Abe's!

    Thanx Again for adding a personal touch! Ya know how you alway's wonder what face goe's w

  3. Hello PennyLoafer63! Holiday greetings! I just visited to say thank you for adding me to your list of friends as per the message I got in my email box. I would like to do the same but I still dont know how to.

    Have a prosperous and enjoyable New Year!


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