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  1. They are out there , i won this one at the weekend.
  2. Mr B

    Dumb question

    I was doing a bit of research on my old stomping grounds as it were , and had come across several sites concerning Beale , it was from one of those i got the top secret bit , i took it as fact , im not sure how secret it actually was.Certainly none of my family knew and we had been out there a long time. Heres one you might enjoy Saor Alba Beale
  3. Mr B

    Dumb question

    It was only recently , in the last year that i found out Beale AFB was the top secret nuke silo base of its day.It didnt seem so ominous or unfriendly,just about everybody in Marysville was air force or had been. A wonderful place to spend time as a kid , a huge contrast to Lanarkshire Scotland and no mistake.We went back to Scotland when i was still only 10 so you can perhaps imagine.
  4. Mr B

    Dumb question

    A small world right enough , those are the open days i refered to Saor Alba , it was military personel's familys day kinda thing.The B -52's were probably the most commen sight in the California sky , your fathers time there times in with my fathers time there.My Dad went to Guam for a while but his homebase was Beale.
  5. Mr B

    Dumb question

    Theres a coincidence Saor Alba , my Dad was also Air Force and for a time was stationed at Beale AFB in the 60's.Home of the SR-71 Blackbird.It was a commen sight over Marysville.There were open days at the base where we were given model kits of the SR-71 , dunno if i got to sit in it though , its possible as we got to play in loads of planes.
  6. Mr B

    Dumb question

    Its a good question Saor Alba , i dont know why most BA transatlantic crews seem to be French.The BA shuttle from London/Glasgow was staffed by UK personel. Maybe they had to find placements for all the Concorde crews when the halted those flights,it would be my guess.
  7. Mr B

    Dumb question

    At school we were not given a choice , we had to learn at least one other language as part of the curriculum.French and German were the usual ones on offer,i took French which i hated but im glad i did now.Most BA flightcrews are French nowdays ..heh heh ..including the stewardesses. Oddly perhaps it stuck with me as natural as speaking English,i assume because they started teaching it very early.
  8. Mr B

    Dumb question

    Hi , its a French Millinnium coin , part of a set of 6 struck to commemorate the sciences.
  9. Mr B

    3c Nickel on TV

    If i followed the story line correctly Peaches is Ricks sisters daughter and he is afraid of the sister.Last i heard she was dumped back to the nightshift,now theres a shift i wouldnt mind missing , nightshift in a las vegas pawn shop.
  10. I recieved a certain item which was the cause of much discussion and perhaps disruption for which i apologised to the forum for with the exception of one individual. The item paid for immediatly on the 21st of dec was sent on the 5th of jan and arrived jan 23.Obviously i dont hold that one person liable for actual shipping time,in fact if recalled i bought a henry vi and edward ll a fortnight back and they have not arrived yet.What i do feel is accountable for is the time taken to ship it.Plain and simple. So i propose if said person would like to forward a paypal payment address i will make full restitution of monies in the same amount of time it took to send it after id paid. Cant say fairer than that.I only post here so the forum knows ive kept my word.
  11. Mr B

    3c Nickel on TV

    It is an interesting show , i often wonder how the people feel later when watching the show as rick rubs his hands gloating about profit.Theres something very odd about the show , we have 4 guys yet never see any one of them with a woman.The niece Peaches gets minimal coverage on the show and we get chumlee and humpty dumpty. I cringed when they set the old grandpa a test of finding the CC dollar and dumped a load of silver dollars onto his desk , no airtites , no slabs , no nothing.
  12. Greetings from New Britain Pa Jack , Yes , your nickel will have considerably more value than 5 cents.It appears to be in quite nice condition.You could easily be looking at $20-$30.
  13. The Godless Florin. Your token sounds interesting Chrissybe
  14. There are a few on ebay Art , i seen another just like it but it was a JFK half bank.
  15. I wonder how many other European countries had these war debts,quite a few id imagine.Paid in the silver coinage of the day,leaving us with worthless garbage really.
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