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Hope No One Mind's but I found this site for Canadian Coin Info..ya might find useful!


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It's a good site. Thanks for your efforts in sharing information. Tell us a bit more about what you collect.

I am glued to the Lincoln cent's,I search usually 25$ worth a day, I have found some interesting one's though I've never had them graded nor have I sold any as of yet...still learning but I do plan on putting a collection up for Dakota (Grandson) I can tell he's already got it as bad as I do...he found a 55 Wheat in a ditch?...Made his day! He saves all his pennies for me!LoL I search all my change for any error coins..LoL and just wait to see if someone's looking for them?

I've only been doing it for a little over a year now, but i got the bug bad now. a day without my pennies is a ruff day ;) LoL My late husband used to pick up every penny he saw,no matter where he saw it and I'd laugh and roll my eye's but Now i'll betcha he's Laughing as he say's "Toldya" Its one hobby i don't think i'd ever get tired of,I love it!!!!!

How about you?? What do you collect? :ninja:


Oh and i thought maybe there was every kind of info you'd need here to begin with but when I see one I haven't read myself then I'll post it,was kinda worried too at 1st but i saw someone had asked for canadian coins info?

So if I ever duplicate,and you spot it,Please just remove it,won't mind one bit,I was using Picaso,and my album's had probably 10 copies of each one ;) and it all gets cluttered so ya feel bad to send people to look....LoL

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My favorite of all the lincoln cents is the steel one and the 1970S large date, those coins landed in my collection purely by chance and has stayed there eversince :ninja:

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