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  1. I am in total agreement with thedeadpoint... Oh wow!
  2. thank you sturzny, that would mean I look for Liechtenstein coins year dates BEFORE world war one. yes, now the objective is becoming clear.
  3. Thank you for your comments on you visit, I am still looking for the best picture to post and that would be preety soon. I also agree 100% that Mr. Dumpty was pushed, most likely by one of the king's men who then was trying intently to put him together again! But alas! not possible!

    Have a wonderful christmas!

  4. Hello PennyLoafer63! Holiday greetings! I just visited to say thank you for adding me to your list of friends as per the message I got in my email box. I would like to do the same but I still dont know how to.

    Have a prosperous and enjoyable New Year!


  5. Hi, I noticed that the country Liechtenstein, also uses the currency of swiss francs. My question please - What is the mark, or any mark on the swiss coins that would indicate it is for use in Liechtenstein? I would like to collect that one. Thank you!
  6. Nice coins there! I am completely taken aback by the ratio of the figures Man and Lion on the one-half Lek. If that was an african lion, then the man would be about 12 to 14 feet high. A great center for any basketball team! However if the man is normal at 6feet3inches average height, then the lion would be the size of a small dog! wow! Whatever it is, the artwork is sufficiently lacking in all the important proportions Still it is an interesting thread when it gets to gold. Thank you for the coin pics and holiday cheers to all!!
  7. Thank you sandy for the omnicoin link on your coins, the cameroon coin with an "E" is very helpful. I have many CFA coins of Africa but I cannot distinguish each from the 14 countries that use the CFA currency. Now at least I know one for Cameroon, that leaves only 13 left
  8. great looking coin there, may I ask what diameter it is and its platinum purity? thank you!
  9. Fantastic nice blog site skingspan! welcome too! what camera did you use for those great pics? Sandy3075 - do you also collect old coppers? any particular country aside from south africa? Thank you all, for a while I thought I was all alone there
  10. coinhunter


    what years are the aguinaldo coins?
  11. very nice...wavy edges coin
  12. Wow! they cannot find an album for it, that's why they place it outside! thank you scottishmoney for sharing the picture, very nice
  13. Hi! Please excuse this question as I am still learning to navigate myself here. After posting, I log out and return another day However I dont know how to check if someone has replied on my previous post and sometime I forget I made a post on a subject, so I dont get back, How do I check my previous posts if someone has replied? thank you
  14. My favorite of all the lincoln cents is the steel one and the 1970S large date, those coins landed in my collection purely by chance and has stayed there eversince
  15. Thank you Art! that is exactly the one, thank you for the assist!
  16. A very beautiful piece you have there, just asking - what is it's diameter and metal? thanks!
  17. Hi! I am looking for a picture of a Canada silver crown around 38mm with naval ship with the new technology hologram imaging. I cant seem to locate it in the coin books. It was reffered to me as I collect the new holograms. Anyone see it? thank you
  18. thank you gxseries and banivechi My collection is just coin silver from each country and not the rarity or year. So upon completion it will be coins (at least one from each) from 194 flying flags, the political situation of my time. I don't include non-flagged coin producing territories examples are Hongkong, Gibraltar, Macau, Falklands etc. To make the collection look similar, coin size is from 30 to 38mm diameter and silver 70 to 90% fine, as some countries have only up to 30mm coins. Any year would be ok Sourcing out the ones from new countries is really hard, like East Timo
  19. Hi! just wanted to know if anybody out there collects the same way I do. World silver crowns from each country, there are 194 countries, so completing the entire series is tough. I collect majors and minors as some countries do not have major crowns, only minors How and what do you collect??? Thank you for replying
  20. Hi! it appears to be acid pits and errosion that gouged out the eye, it becomes clearer if it is compared to the gouged out ear, the top part of the ear. Still, those florins are very nice coins, I have a few in my collection, one of my favorites
  21. Hi PennyLoafer! and Hi rockdude! just passing by and saw this interesting October posts. Yes, it is a brazen inquiry on how to "fabricate" error coins, locally we call this a "make-up" artist, someone who is always in training to make up "things" Here it is very common and one must bring a weak magnet and a 12x loupe as standard equipment in going to coin stalls. otherwise one may end up with very beautiful but not genuine coins. Still... the posted subject was interesting and widened my horizon somewhat on these things. Thank you for pointing out the post
  22. it is a very nice site, although the language I cannot understand, I go along the collum for the weights and the ounce and the "Ag" and everything becomes ok
  23. Thank you cracovia and sturzny That is a good lead for me, the 1990 "Solidarity" 100000 Zlotych which if ever I find for sale on eBay. I will look for it. also the 20 zlotys. thanks again
  24. Thank you PennyLoafer for the short reply! also allows me to reply and get my skills on "how to" a notch higher, rather...half a notch higher. just a while ago I got lost again, but its now getting a lot easier to find the road back - dont have to call for help too much , there are clickablle underlined headings way up the top which is great! This is a very nice site. Thank you
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