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Finnish €2 commem 2009

Sir Sisu

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This year's circulating commem will be for the 200th year since 1809 when control of Finland was transferred to Russia. The reason for commemoration is that Finland became an autonomous Grand Duchy -a position which eventually led to independence the following century.


press release



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Another neat coin. I gave up on my 2 Euro collection -- just too hard to get them and way way too expensive.



Yeah, i can imagine it is quite tough to get them there, especially as it seems a bit difficult for me here! I've semi-given up on them as well. By this I mean, I do not actively seek to buy them too often. I prefer to trade, but most of my previous trading partners have been here and since I haven't been here for a while . . . well, I'm sure you get the picture. :ninja:


I will try to get a roll of these though to give as gifts to nephews and nieces and such.

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