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What is this style called?


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I love the style of these banknotes:







Can anyone tell me what's the name of this style? I want to collect them.

You can see the front has a lot of black engravings, and the back is one-colour only.

They have frames (in front).

They have good symmetry.

I thing the beginning of this style is between 1800-1900? Does anybody have more information?

Who invented this style?

Can we make complete list of the countries using this style? (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Canada, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, which country else?)

I would call it "American-styled banknotes", but Google says nothing useful.

Thank you!!!

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I don't know that there's a name for this style, but it's an interesting point. There is similarity in these and many other banknotes. One thought, one can see a common design across many of the notes produced by the American Bank Note Company, which I think is the source of those three notes. Perhaps that's the connection you're looking at?



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I believe they would be more accurately called American style banknotes, with the engraved borders etc. Notice that the Cuban note is not printed by American Banknote though, it is printed by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which actually printed surprisingly few foreign banknotes, the Philippine Islands notes were the main foreign printing.


But other printers, notably Waterlow and Son's in London also used this style of banknote, which was used on National Commercial Bank of Scotland's notes, and this Belgian Congo note from 1943:




Here is a 1920 printing by ABNCo:




And this from 1944 Luxembourg:




It would appear as though the premise with these notes was the engraved border was the main security device, the engraving being difficult. This Luxembourg note has a vignette of a young girl on the reverse that was used on very many different Latin American currencies in the early 20th century.

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"Who invented this style?"


Hehe.. I don't think there was an inventor or originator to the style, it seems like such things like this are just a la mode because of the era they come from - perhaps a framed style was just considered the most advanced way of designing banknotes according to the past zeitgeist? - You see similar things with early films and books, I am sure..

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