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  1. Perhaps I can shed some light on the Wellington issue for those unfamiliar, basically as you can imagine it started by drunken capers, but any time Glasgow City Council removed the cone a new one would appear. Eventually (so the story goes!) it became a futile task to remove the cone the council deemed it to be a health and safety issue since if a cone was up there already nobody would climb the statue to put a new one on, so they left it. (This may not be entirely true, the council claim it costs them £10,000 a year to remove the cones, yet I never see it happen). There has been a cone on his head for the best part of three decades. It has become a symbol of Glasgow and our sense of humour, even appearing on tourist guides and other areas of popular culture. It's worth noting that the statue is right outside the Gallery of Modern Art. I'd like to think the man himself wouldn't be too bothered about it, his statue is now an endearing part of Glasgow culture. Everyone knows where he stands, yet most could not tell you any of the nearby statues by name. Last year the council drew up plans to raise the plinth to double it's height, and this started mass petitions and protest by the people of Glasgow. During the games the council replaced the cone with a golden one. The statue was also referenced several times in the opening ceremony. So basically, Wellington and his traffic cone hat are one of the most iconic symbols of Glasgow, and this is why the cone appears on the medal.
  2. I worked for the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee and on my last day of work I was handed this. I think it's really nice, and particularly like the Wellington statue with cone on the reverse I can't confirm this but I am also hearing one was handed to every competing athlete as they departed the village too. Not sure if it is entirely relevant to this forum, but I thought some of you would like to see it.
  3. I think I may have found a 20p with a dodgy planchet. I was about to stick this in a vending machine when I noticed it and had a look. The coin appears to have a gouge out of it, however the surface of the gouge appears rough and has no direction to indicate it was scraped. Additionally along the raised edge the indentation has taken part of the pattern, which surely would have been scraped out too if this had happened after pressing. I may be wrong but it appears to me that the planchet was damaged before the coin was stuck. Another thought is that perhaps some foreign object was pressed along with the coin causing an odd indention. So what do you guys think? Post prediction damage or an error? Sorry about the photo's I only have an iPhone for a camera at the moment.
  4. Just found out about these a few days ago, due in May. I noticed however that the sample notes had a serial number of a different format than Euro banknotes circulating today. While current banknotes start with a single letter to denote country of issue (X for Germany etc..) the samples of The Europa Series started with two letters. Does anyone know if there is going to be a change of format few the new series? Or was this likely just done because the note is a sample? As to the new design I'm not sure I like them as much as the current series, with that said there is barely any difference.
  5. Thank you for the speedy and informative reply!
  6. I know this isn't entirely coin related but this is the only place I could think with people who may be able to ask. How much was a half penny worth in 1983 compared to the value of a penny from then today? or rather, does a penny today have less buying power than a half penny in 1983? How would I calculate this? Thanks for any help
  7. I guess for me it would have to be this one which is also in the same pack at this The reason being my Papa brought back these packs when he was in Jersey to commemorate the occasion. He was part of the liberating force which was sent there which is where he met my Gran. Most of the packs had banknotes numbered in the 3000s but this one is numbered 112 which leads me to believe he may have gifted this pack.
  8. Designed by 9 year old Florence Jackson and illustrating athletics.
  9. Pauline Godfrey a member of Republic managed to get a place on the plinth as part of the One and Other art project in London and for her hour she declared it a republic with passports, a national anthem, and even it's own currency... She was nice enough to send me one for my banknote collection. You can see her hour here. I love the national anthem!
  10. It's certainly older than the current series and worth keeping hold of, but I'm guessing that money wise it won't be worth a lot.
  11. I tend to call it "Monopoly Money" to annoy the Americans because to me it has a similar style I think some Americans call our money "Monopoly Money" because our notes are different colours, but I think its just hypocrisy.
  12. Euro was designed from the start with visual impairment in mind. Every Euro coin denomination can be identified without looking. Euro banknotes increase in size, are all distinct in colour and alternate between 'hot and cold' colours. They also have unique tactile identifiers including raised lettering, smooth patches, and raised bars, depending on denomination. As far as the BoE £20 goes it does have some unique smooth areas and I'm pretty sure I could identify one without looking. (on the assumption it was a UK note).
  13. The Royal Mint are giving away 100,000 Mini medals (plus possibly a gold coin) to the first people to sign up for one. Just remember to check the box for no junk mail, I'm betting we all get enough from them already! There is also a code to get 10% off any order : MINI50 so I may stock up on £5 coins! Linkage
  14. "They're so rare I have ten of them!"
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