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Beautiful women on coins


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Absolutely gorgeous - this is from the series that includes the copper piece (and a couple of silvers) I posted. Is it yours? A non-trivial sum when I have seen these listed - but again, gorgeous!


Strangely I have the gold piece, but not the copper or silver yet. The 5 Lire in silver is IMHO the most desirable piece of all if you can find it in BU, the 10 centesimi is nice in bright original lustrous red also. This 50 Lire is perhaps my best non-ancient Italian peninsula coin. It is evident very clearly in Italian numismatics, as noted with the flying nude 20 centesimi above, of which I also own many examples of, that Italians appreciate the feminine form as an art.




Another coin I own lots of, various die crack states etc.:




Not quite a woman yet, but a girl.


A young lady this time, from America:



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On some of these I think people were thinking ungly women on coins because there are some stinkers in here :ninja:


common coin but I have always thought these ladies are lovely:






and the only two coins from america that have good looking women one them IMO, most are ugly or look manly:





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