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Round 1 - Silver - Group C

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • 1900 Halfcrown
    • 1903 Maundy Twopence

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Coinpeople presents the Second Season of the British Popular Coin Idol, in association with the Imperial Bank of Coinpeople. Same rules apply as usual, which do you prefer?




Auldfartte's 1900 Victorian Veiled head Halfcrown










Kuhli's 1903 Edward VII Maundy Twopence?



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Victoria seemed the obvious answer to this decision, being that a Maundy coin is not a coin intended for circulation and that the twopences are ridiculously small.


However, G W De Saulles actually did wonders with the Edward VII obverse. Most people will wonder why i say that. The truth of it is a photograph will never do the obverse justice. On a high grade specimen like that when you see it in person the beard details are superb, especially when viewed at an angle.


I was never all that keen on the Brock portrait of her Majesty either. Thus unusually i went for Edward.

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