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The Beauty in a Black Box

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Great Britain, award medal of the Royal Society of Arts (for Margaret Currie ?), undated, specimen striking in bronze, by William Wyon, dies from ca. 1810-1830 AD.,

Bronze Medal (43 mm / 44,0 g),

Obv.: ARTS AND COMMERCE PROMOTED / W. WYON. , conjoined busts of Mercury and Minerva, helmeted, facing left.

Rev.: SOCY. INSD. / LONDON 1753. , beneath a wreath of laurel, the centre being left plain for the insertion of the name to whom the medal is awarded.


http://books.google.com/books?id=IVcEAAAAQ...hl=en#PPA173,M1 .


Found in a precious black box on blue velvet with the following golden text at the top cover:







According to the cited book about William Wyon this is the first of the two Mercury and Minerva-dies he made for the Royal Society of Arts. Can this issue be focussed to specific years?


Box and medal may be from different sources. But as the medal fits exactly the internal hollow there is a good chance of a common issue for Margaret´s award in 1897.


Is there a chance to find if a Margaret Currie got this medal award in 1897 at one of the numerous Sandgate Schools in the British worlds?

My google searches showed no good results so far.



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Forrer's extensive entry on W. Wyon (plus the supplement) mention several possibilities but nothing specific:

1822 - a Society of Arts medal die

1833 - engraved the obverse and reverse of the Royal Prize Medal for the Royal Society

1848 - The Society's Medal for the Royal Society of Arts

1852 - various prize medals for the Royal Society of Arts


Notice that the 1822 and 1833 entries may not be the Royal Society of Arts. I suspect Forrer expected us to know which group he was speaking of... :ninja:


Stunning medal BTW!

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Beautiful medal. I love the toning and depth of color on these early pieces. BTW, I just noticed your location. I spent a year in a small village about 70km south of your place in 1968-69 as an exchange student. Beautiful part of the world. I still remember bits of my Biedenkopfer from time to time.

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