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  1. Hey All, The Coinhood Staff was thinking on an idea for a raffle, and we decided to test the waters of this type of contest. We wanted to know your thoughts on it, good or bad, so maybe Coinhood might want to do this sort of thing again. Any thoughts will be much appreciated, Thanks, -T$ http://www.coinhood.com/e107_plugins/forum...topic.php?19177
  2. Yeah! I've seen a lot of older looking, more worn mexican pesos. I had two BU ones, and I sold off one of them a while back, too bad they don't have more silver content in them
  3. Thanks guys... At the prices I got these at, it really proves that this is a buyers market!
  4. Here are some coins originally from my grandpa's collection. Tell me what you think?
  5. Hey all! I've been absent for a little while now, just hadn't had a lot of time, as I am a moderator on coinhood.com, and I am a frequent member of the ebay coins neighborhood and cointalk, and with school.. YIKES! But I have some free time, and I just wanted to say hi to everybody and wanted to show these babies off Tell me what you think?
  6. Hey everybody. Sorry I've been absent, it has been hectic recently, uncle in hospital, other uncle in hospital, vacation, and working on lots of coin sales I am working on selling every single morgan that I have showed here, and some I haven't, I'm done with MS63-64, and I'm upgrading to 65-66. I am also selling all my quarter eagles, and upgrading to MS62+, rather than having an AU collection Keep the morgans comin' everybody -Travis
  7. Alrighty all those newer pics should help out a bunch
  8. I have brand new pics now, even better than the last. I will update all my posts, you will be able to see them in a sec.
  9. Ask, and you shall receive. 1886 here we come!
  10. Ok mark, look back a page, got the 1881 S morgan I picked up on there
  11. Can I post a pic of an SBA dollar? LOL!!
  12. I take all my pictures angled, where my camera is going downward, and I am almost hovering over the coin. The light on the ceiling fan is on above me, and I also use the flash on my camera
  13. Ahhhh, it went poof!!! I'll have to try to upload it again
  14. Too all string collectors, I am sorry... Please let me make it up to you, I can snip off some of the loose ends of my shorts and shirts, and also send you some of the string hanging down, I will send them to you... LOL
  15. The morgan dollar by year, set won't get to 1898 till' after a while, so I'll show all of you my newest morgan
  16. I collect because it makes me happy, and gives me something to do with my money... Why spend money on sports cards, or various sizes of string, when I can have something with a value for life... I love coins!
  17. URGGG! My 1885 O still isn't here! It'll be here soon... Hopefully...
  18. You know I live in San Antonio... Not a whole lot of coin places though, or at least not a whole lot of good ones
  19. Thanks Mark, hopefully I will get my 85 O in by Wednesday... AND PS Don't know if I said already, but I also got a 1898 O MS64 HEE HEE HEE!
  20. Oh now we want 1884 Alright! Here we go! And I just bought an 1885 O NGC MS63, so extend the deadline for the 1884 and 1885 so I have some time
  21. Fine with me... Thought you would like better pics...
  22. First picture bothered me a bit!!! So I redid it And mark, to answer your question is it, that we all have morgan dollars?
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