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Russian 1755 Pattern 20 Rouble


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You're welcome.


For a bit of fun does anyone want to guess what it will make?


I'll go for £650,000.


I'll predict £2,000,000. If there's one thing I'm sure about, it's that new Russians don't care about sloshing too much money around for something. Plus, there's a strongly nationalistic bent in the opportunity to take this thing away from "foreign hands." Unless Bill Gates suddenly develops an interest in Russian numismatics and decides to unzip his fly a bit, this is definitely going back to Russia.


I had never even heard of this rarity before...

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My guess Up to £2,000,000 will buy the dealer, over £2,000,000 investors if the Market will be okay or oil prices will be strong.


I hope Auctioneers will add the edge image of this coin before coin sold on the Auction. :ninja:

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The auction advert in Coin News (UK) says its " To be sold along with other coins from this collection

& also rare Russian coins from other properties".

There maybe some nice Russian coins up for auction then.

I wonder what other coins are being offered from the Grand Duke Michailovich collection?


Edited to add:


For enquires or catalogues contact:

St James's auctions (Knightsbridge Coins-Stephen Fenton)

43 Duke Street, St James's, London,



Tel: 020 7930 7597/ 7888/ 8215

Email: kcoins@hotmail.co.uk

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