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To give y'all a little background this idea, I'm a 3rd year aerospace engineer at the University of Michigan. I recently got into coins and, being a college student, have little money to spend on them currently. While I have some down time in my numismatic career, I figured I'd get some direction with my collection.


I was thinking about either starting an engineering or flight themed collection. I don't know how many coins there are that have to do with flight but I figure there are more about engineering in general. If anyone could let me know about any coins that you know that fit this category I'd appreciate it.

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There are quite a few coins that fit this theme, a quick search of Space on eBay turns up quite a few coins.


Here's an interesting one:





Good luck!


- Clive.

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Here's a few recent ones


Ohio State Quarter

Florida Sate Quarter

2003 Wright Brothers Commem Dollar


There's even more on the international scene.


This site is an OK start but I think there's even more http://www.blackmountaincoins.com/c/BMC/AIRPLANE-COINS.html

I know Poland and Russia had cosmonaut commems and I think Austria has some flight coins as well.

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Actually, Kazakhstan is starting it's own space series coin set which started from last year, which is going to last till 2010 (if I remember reading it right) They have interesting bimetal coins which is struck in silver and tantalum, which is quite interesting. Another interesting fact is that the Soyuz space shuttle is not launched from Russian airspace but it is in Kazakhstan, which the Russians are paying a dear price to launch their rockets.


This year has been interesting as many nations celebrated the 40th anniversary of the manned launch of the Soyuz. Now you have a mad hoard of Russian collectors buying up these coins.

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