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  1. Auldfartte, I might have given you this in the past so if I'm repeating myself I apologize in advance. Here is a link to a couple of different spreadsheet formats. http://typesets.wikidot.com/free-coin-templates Ken
  2. Here's an interesting perspective: Lowest individual branch mint Ohio P - 217 mil Lowest total all branch mints Maine - 448 mil Entire Standing Liberty Quarter series (1916-1930) - 226 mil
  3. Here's a few recent ones Ohio State Quarter Florida Sate Quarter 2003 Wright Brothers Commem Dollar There's even more on the international scene. This site is an OK start but I think there's even more http://www.blackmountaincoins.com/c/BMC/AIRPLANE-COINS.html I know Poland and Russia had cosmonaut commems and I think Austria has some flight coins as well.
  4. Have you tried a printing shop yet? Many of them have large scanners (up to like 36 inches across or something like that). A lot of engineering firms have been scanning drawings and converting them into a CAD file for years.
  5. Thanks Corky, Your grand daughter is a lucky girl
  6. I do something similar except I hand out the coins to each and every niece/nephew in addition to my own kids
  7. Yea that is a pain the way excel does that and it bugs the heck out of me too. If anyone has a good idea I'm all ears.
  8. TreasureGirl, if you run into a problem making the list just PM and I'll help. Good Luck
  9. Here's a file I keep on my site. I have drop down lists for mints & denominations to make life a little easier. There's also tabs for calculation bullion values, and mintages for common denominations. I thought about adding a mintage field and use an IF / VLOOKUP statement to auto-populate the mintage but I'm primarily a type set collector so mintage figures don't rank to high on my priority list. I also add photos using the "Comment" feature in excel so all you have to do is hover over the cell with the comment and the image pops up automatically.
  10. Me too...except I'm down to three type coins I'm looking for: a 1921 Peace Dollar a 1910 to 1917 Lincoln Cent a 1918 to 1924 SLQ
  11. Yep, and if you do a search in a specific category (like coins) it returns all kinds of stuff including currency. It's a real pain in the neck now. What really ticked me off was when I was looking for a Japanese coin and after sorting through all the junk results it never had one coin in it. talk bout wasting your time.
  12. Yes to Sikorsky & Farmington Canal is great. umm. I think we took over nutmeg's thread (sorry dude)
  13. Hi back at ya Dan, I grew up in Derby and have since lived in Cheshire and Hamden. Too bad you moved from Bethany it really is a nice quiet town. I've worked in the Fairfield area (Stratford) for the last 20 yrs.
  14. I even got some of those ultra rare Pres $'s with incused text on the edge
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