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Wanted: CEYLON 1957 SILVER 5 RUPEES, KM# 126

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Before I start trying sellers on ebay or where ever I can find a seller with this coin, I thought I might try here...looking for:




I found one for sale for more than it is worth on ebay, the other 2, I have never delt with the people, who knows...



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I have never seen this coin in hand so I have no frame of reference. It looks much like every other one I have seen...so maybe all the ones I have seen are fakes :ninja: I have seen 3 other examples online, the one above is the example used on world coin gallery. I like the coin a lot, and wasnt quite sure if this coin would be faked commonly...but I am a bit timid to buy one because I dont WANT to buy a fake...Going just by book valuation its not a terribly rare or expensive coin so I didnt know if it would be faked...I see examples for sale between 25-60 USD


Here is one off another page dedicated to the coin type:








maybe if you guys see one in your ramblings, let me know ;)

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Disregard this...I bought a very nice UNC example at the Houston Coin Show today...it was a tough one to find but I managed to find 2 dealers who had an example of the coin...got it for a good price as well...I think this is an undervalued coin. Its a hefty silver coin...only 500,000 minted and half that number was melted down so in truth there are probably less than 250,000. Its also just a real nice looking coin...but book price for it UNC is only 30.00 USD...

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