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  1. This coin was sold in German Auction one year ago from GEORG H. FOERSTER 's Latin American coin Auction.Who know this German collector?I also found his name in Krause book,under the Acknowledgments list.Who have more infomation about him?Is he a famous Collector?
  2. My friend get a lot of world coins and let them to be one kind of goods sold as"the coin of 120 countries",he find a lot of error coins from the bank,and this one is one of them,I like it very very much!
  3. The blank is a Poland coin but the stamped will let it changed,So who can help me to find it out?Thanks a lot!
  4. Also under Chinese protected,so we can say :China & Japan OCCUPIED Korea
  5. Who will go to Shanghai to see the Olympic Football Match?I will give you some good idea about it.And I wish I can meet someone and maybe I can buy some nice coins. Here is one of my Old American coins,De El Salvardo,it looks so poor but hard to find.
  6. very nice example,you can not buy it in a very low price because many people want to get a nice one.I got one example,but has been cleaned.You can find more coins on www.omnicoin.com by my name :maria-ozawa,because of my ebay's name is also called this.I wish can meet more friends that can teach me lot about the coins of Spanish American area.
  7. Very hard to find a Unc one just like this , ,a XF one will only cost us about 20 dollars,but how a unc one cost?I bought it so cheap because the goldberg has not upload its pics in their website because it is a lot and the collecters were worried about if the coins in this lot are UNC or not.Then they did not bid and I did.So I got them.Look,the sun is so nice!
  8. Commonwealth Halfgroat for 35 GBP looks so lovely,but it has been sold
  9. nearly extremely fine / extremely fine ,but in fact ,a NGC's MS 63 one is worse than it . It can not be too beautiful to see the man's right hand!
  10. it looks like fake,in china ,it will be cheap for CF to XF,but a MS-67 one will cost U over than 500 USD
  11. This is a China "SI CHUAN" Province RUPPE.And it has many types for different flowers,different head ,low sliver or high sliver.It is not a fake ,but they are always ROUGH~~And it is the first kind coin with a people's face on in China.The first kind of Ruppe made in 1902 ,when India Ruppe entered into Si chuan(nearly India with Tibet).The governor thought he should got an idea to boycott the India Ruppe,so he let the people in Si chuan made Si chuan Ruppe to do it.This one is one of mine,it is a low sliver type,but it is very beautiful and interesting.
  12. they are all genuine. but 2 of them have been polished
  13. So lovely!,and it is a PP for this kind of silver coin~vary rare i think.I bought in Hongkong auction 3 years ago!
  14. 100% FAKE because i know who will selling FAKE in EBAY from China
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