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Need some place to store your safe/coins?

Mark Stilson

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Of course, unless you live in the Steppes of South Dakota or something what would be the point, since all your nosy neighbours will notice the hole being dug.

Absoutely true. This is the type of thing done in some remote place that's for sure. Here where I live you can't even put up an awning over your windows without a village permit so naturally this would require a permit. Then there is the inspectors for plumbing, electric, gas, etc. that have to verify all work done. Now comes the neighbors that watch everything I do. I purposely go out and pick my nose in my yard just to irritate them. Of course no one would notice the constant flow of cars, vans or trucks stopping by and bringing stuff in. May as well have a party in there since it will be more noticed than an armoured car.

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