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I wanted to look up some banknotes today...


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hmmm...have you tried kicking it? ;)



Sad, but I was thinking a similar solution. You beat me! ;) but not as hard as you should beat that cat!








Kidding! It's sooooo cute... that's coming from a college guy.

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Give the cat fish!? Feh, give the cat to a dog, it also has the same outcome! ;) Except you have a happy (and full) pup at your side.




Haha, seriously though, I'd scoop'm up and put'm on a floofy pillow. It'll never know what happened! ..........Btw, I take it most of us arn't cat people on here? :ninja:

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Atleast it isn't eating your books like this little darling:



She made some pretty nice "decorations" on the pages of my Guidebook of Russian coins. I gave it to her and got myself a new one :ninja:

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but I have a bad case of sabotage to investigate! ;)



6 weeks old, so not much you can do, I guess. Fel asleep on the blackbook, and more importantly, the worldbanknote catalogue I needed...


Any suggestions? :ninja:




Looks exactly like my cat as a kitten. He got himself into more trouble though.

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