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  1. If you find yourself in Orlando, a couple of the malls there have foreign exchange booths in them: - Florida Mall - Mall at Millenia I've gotten stuff from both places before. Usually the very nice weekend girl at Florida Mall will take the time to search for better condition notes, if you ask. (and it's not busy)
  2. Bhutan: Bundles of 1 and 5 Ngultrum Sri Lanka: Bundles of 10 and 20 Rupee Some loose low denomination Ngultum Three different versions of the Hong Kong 20 Dollar Bills: Courtesy of a traveling friend. Not exactly UNC, but still really cool Everything, all together.
  3. Busy Month for me. My side job is booming, so I figured why not be nice to myself? Besides, the dollar (US that is) isn't what it used to be, so buy while you can, right? Some new Venezuelan Bolivars (pegged at 2.15, but black market around 5:1) Some new Saudi low denomination notes New Colombian small size 1000 and 2000 Peso notes Trinidad and Tobago: Small denominations. These photos do not do them justice. I just want to accumulate more of these. Haiti: another place with beautiful notes. They almost feel like canvas paper. The Yuan: Maybe headed for parity someday with
  4. I was able to get mine from a Travelex at the airport. I called ahead and asked what they had, and if they could hold it for me so I could get it. My cost: 30 minutes parking at the airport, the face value of the notes + their commission cost. (I think it was a 5.95 charge, but after I came back a second time, she waived it for me.) I don't know where you are, but the Tampa airport always seems to have an abundance of UNC notes on Mondays.
  5. I got most of these a while ago, but never posted. After taking pics of the items I have for sale (go check it out!), I took these as well. The only brand new item is the new Venezuelan notes. New Venezuelan Bolivares Notes Some Bundles of Serbian Dinar. (these were cheap! =D) Some Bundles of Zambian Kwacha. A handful of Iraqi Dinar. Believe it or not, a local exchange place buys them back. >_<
  6. Fortunately for me, the lady at Travelex likes me, and fishes out UNC notes for me. Unfortunately, the tax man cometh, and was unkind to me this year. Hence, I have to sell a few of the extras I have. Scotland 5 Pounds (Jack Nicklaus Note) - 14.00 20 Israeli New Shekel (New Issue) - 7.00 (2 available) 10 Euro (prefix X) - 20.00 10 Brazilian Reais (Polymer Red Dot Note) - 16.00 5 Australian Dollars (QEII version) - 7.50 (4 available) - (note: these are in sequential order) 10 Canadian Dollar (New Issue) 12.00 10 New Zealand Dollars (Polymer) - 10.00 (please note, these ar
  7. Ok. I only got one address, so that person will get their prize in the mail in a week or two. Feel free to lock this thread.
  8. Last call for addresses, I want to mail out next week. Disregard if you've PM'ed it to me already.
  9. After finally clearing out all the tech extras and parts I had, I was able to buy a *whole bunch* of stuff with the proceeds. Hooray for clearing clutter and profiting from it! Croatian 5 Kuna (x21) Croatian 10 Kuna (x9) Estonian 5 Krooni (x30) Estonian 10 Krooni (x10) Slovakian 20 Koruna (x10) Slovakian 50 Koruna (x10) Jordanian 1 Dinar (x8) Maldivian 5 Rufiyaa (x20) Zambian 500 Kwacha (x13) Ethiopian 1 Birr (x4) Serbian 10 Dinar (x33) Serbian 20 Dinar (x15) Serbian 50 Dinar (x11) Nepal 1 through 20 Rupees Set (x5) Bank Bundle of Serbian 10 Dinar (100 ct) Bank Bundle of Bhu
  10. I haven't gotten in any more entries. =( As such, the two people who submitted entries are winners! Please PM me your address, and I will mail off the prizes to each of you.
  11. Dbang - Yes, those coins are probably counterfeit. I'm no coin expert, so if another coin expert pops us and can tell me more, great. Superbeast - I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to the notes I like (like the slovenian ones), but I can part with some. How many are you looking for? I also have some new additions: Courtesy of Spain No 1. Thanks Alfonso! More of the Surinamese Birds. I love these notes! I just want to buy them all, hoard them, and when I someday start my own island nation (lol), i'll use them as the currency.
  12. I have about 40-50 of the Zambian 20 and 50 Kwacha notes, all in UNC shape that I could stand to part with. PM me if you want to work something out.
  13. Notes arrived in a timely fashion, as listed and agreed to. Thanks Alfonso!
  14. I see what you are saying about the possibility of making money off the Dong or Dinar but, when you speak of re-valuing, that has to happen either one of two ways: - let the currency float against the majors - a tightly controlled, slow creep upwards, (controlled using pre-planned reserve currency buys, or a combination of that and a other tools) looking at the VND <-> USD relationship since 05', the currency has pretty much stayed between 15,200 and 16,000, and fluctuates quite a bit: Average (991 days): 16271.13128 High: 16245.00000 Low:
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