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  1. Hi! You should always post both sides of a coin. That makes it a lot easier. I think it might be a billon aspron Trachy of Byzantine. You could check on this page, and compare the images to yours. KR belg_jos
  2. Phocas, AE Half follis. Carthage. DN FOCAS PERP AVG, crowned and mantled bust facing, holding mappa and cross on globe / Large X-dot-X, (or X over dot-dot X over dot) star to left, cross above, epsilon to right; mintmark KRTG. SB 686, DOC 116. Source (just scrol down to SB 686) I think it's that one. KR belg_jos
  3. I would estimate this $40-$60. Really nice find. Congrats! Jos
  4. This looks like a nice circulated full brockage. Looks genuine to me. Nice find! Jos
  5. Looks like die clashing. Isn't worth much of a premium, but still a nice find. Regards, Jos
  6. Mintage = 982 pieces (Made in 2002) Regards, Jos
  7. All these banknotes are in the 1 & 2 May sale. They were consigned. See website. Regards, Jos
  8. Just found it. It's S372, but the image in Pick is much darker. Big difference but it's that one. Regards, Jos
  9. This was sent to me by a Ukrainian contact: The upper note - 3 roubles, was issued by the city of Kerch, located at Crimean peninsula The lower one - 20 hryvnia note, was issued by the city council of Mohyliv-Podilski. So it's getting solved one at the time. I found one more in the collection, of which I thought the Pick number (S272) would be right, but that part seems to be deleted in my edition. Could someone check if this was listed before? Wonder why it got removed. Maybe it is now listed under another country? Kind regards, Jos
  10. Here is the larger picture by the way Jos
  11. I will check on this tomorrow. Hope it all falls into place, because I have seen enough Russian banknotes for a while now Thanks a lot, Jos
  12. I had a large collection of Russian banknotes to examine, and I have not managed to find where these were issued. Do you guys know more than me? (I'm guessing: yes ) Thanks in advance! Jos
  13. Hi Sigi, Great to know Let me know when you're back in the neighbourhood Always a pleasure to meet you Regards from Aalst Jos
  14. That's why I put "Restrike" in there. What should be the right description for the 1760? Then I can still add it in the errata-list. Appreciate the reply Jos
  15. Hi, We have a similar one in the sale now, but with clear traces of the overstrike. Wonder what you guys think of that one? http://sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewlot&sid=203&lot=381 Kind regards, Jos
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