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Guess the serial - Round 6 :)

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The serialprovider today, is a 100 Dinar 1955 from Yugoslavia.






The format of the serial is as follows: AB 345678


First 2 digits are letters that form the webaddress extension for a European country

(example: BE = Belgium - www.webaddress.be). The countryname is 6 letters long.

Digit 3 to 8 are numbers that are all consecutive (not in consecutive order in the serial!).

2 digits are the same though (so that makes 5 consecutive numbers that are used for the serial).

There is no 8 in the solution!


Every day a new clue will be added. Some will be usefull :ninja:



Everyone can post their guess once a day, and every day at noon (forumtime), I will tell how much out of 8 or right. Please do not edit your postings. Post a new one every day, so others can use the guesses as extra help.



The person that guesses the serial gets this banknote, and maybe even some other goodies that are in my reach on packingday. If you don't collect banknotes, guess anyway. Then I will send you some nice coins, and I'll send the banknote to the runner up of your choice ;)

Good luck!









The Guess-list:




FR 434125




DE 754635

NG 038901

SE 245236




DE 246325

DK 124325

FR 357446

PL 214355

UM 403201

YU 235436




MK 745856

UK 695231

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UM 403201


Good Luck all and thanks again Jos!!!

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Headed to the Doctors ;) I think I have come down with my wifes Strep Throat. May be out for a day or two - Topher - I'm not giving up but I may be working the numbers from the bed...


Have a great day everyone... and good luck if I'm off line for a couple days. :ninja:

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