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    My Wife and Kids first and foremost, collecting anything interesting - like coins and art, compeating (game of darts or poker anyone :-)), books, Military history, good movies
  1. Thank you See323, As I look at this as a life time project and I'm only 8 months into it I can promise it will expand to include world notes. I have a few world bank notes that are not 6's & 5's that I will upload as time permits. World notes often are much nicer looking than the US notes and DeOrc already knows I have come over to the dark side. As my budget allows I will continue to expand my world collection. Thanks for checking it out and good luck with the 5's. If I see any I will keep you in mind. Best Regards Darryl
  2. Madison - Those are great notes. You should start your own thread so that others know to look. People that have alrady looked at this thread probably will miss these great looking notes. Thanks for sharing! Darryl
  3. Hello Dave, Binary in this case refers to the number of different digits in the serial number. I collect notes with 6's and 5's and others collect binary notes like 1's and 0's which are considered true binary's. The term binary usually either refers to the number "two" or the number system "Binary" which is made up of 0's and 1's. You can find them either on Ebay or through collectors/dealers. They are very hard to find in circulation. Thanks for looking!
  4. That's about 8 months of looking every day and making contacts with those that might be able to help. Thanks for taking a look
  5. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! Some of the people that post in this Forum I recognize and some I do not. I collect many different things but lately I have been working on putting a collection of 65 Super Radars and Repeaters together. ( I was born in 65 and I served on the US Sub SSBN 656) As these things go other notes have come available and I have branched out a little to include different 65 Binary Notes. Over time I will post some of the other World and US notes I have collected but wanted to start here as a friend encouraged me to do so with this growing collection. I hope you
  6. This is one of four notes I now own with the same exact serial number. This is the only one of the four notes that is not fron NY. http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee123/U...5555556Face.jpg http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee123/U...5555556Back.jpg Yes RickieB - you read it correctly FOUR. cannot wait to show you pictures of the latest I bought today 1999 CGA 67 $1 Best Regards
  7. Thank you Dave - it helps a lot. I appreciate you taking a little time to tell me about them. Best Regards Darryl
  8. Welcome to CP - I know your notes are the best!
  9. Old Foreign Notes Help -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A friend of a friend has had these passed down to him. He has had them in his safe for some time and plans on keeping them there but knows nothing about them other than they were collected during the war (WWII). There are 7 or 8 20000 Marks - some sequential serial numbers. I went over for dinner and he broke them out to show me. Please take a look and tell me anything you have time for. More importantly, is there much value in them? Given the way he stores them if th
  10. Me too - I didn't look for the extra clues either - it was a good challenge without them. Great Job... And Topher - I just don't know what you're talking about...
  11. Good Job Topher Glad I didn't win because I would have felt guilty after you worked it down to 10 out of 12. I had just started working my matrix for the first time when I saw the post that you had come close. Once I was sure it was A's on both ends, I figured it would be over pretty quick. Thanks Jos!!! Best Regards Darryl
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