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Bluesfil - bit about myself

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I just thought I would update details about myself - although I joined Coin People in 2005 most of my time was taken up as a moderator of a coin forum in Australian and it is only recently that I have time to go back to other numismatic forums and relax a bit.


Collecting Interests

Australian Predecimal Varieties and Errors

Australian Decimal Varieties and Errors

High grade pre decimal Australian Pennies and Florins

Brockages from anywhere

World coin errors

British coinage used in Australia pre 1901

Spanish Pillar Dollars

Dutch silver 1740 - 1820

Russian Coins - up to 1941

Irish coins - pre decimal

Extensive numismatic library - continually running out of space to put everything


General Interests




Pink Floyd fanatic

Monty Python and most British comedy

Coin Photography


Secretary of a Coin Club

Moderator of a Coin forum

Carlton Football club (Aussie Rules)

Man United in English Soccer

Music - mainly Blues


Fairly happy with life and just cruisin along until I fell into the Russian coin bug

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Nice to have more people from Oz here.


I have over 600 GV on up pennies, I really like the Aussie pennies because there are just so many blasted mints, mintmarks, varieties etc. One of my faves is my 1933 overdate. I would like to do the silver, but I like quantities and with the US$ so south now, my Aussie buying days are more in the future. I remember buying those pennies, they came in about a 5 kilo box from Melbourne several years ago. They were packed well, but coming 12000 miles is hard on a package and I remember they were starting to spill out, but they were all there.


I like the predecimal coinages from Britain and all her far flung colonies, dominions etc. Australia is the best I have done at acquiring hoards of coins to go through, I have even gotten semi-key dates like some of the 1914's in these lots. I like finding the ones minted in Bombay, Calcutta etc.


And yes, I have the Russian bug too, I collect everything up into the 1920's when Stalin trashed and cheaped up the coinage. I am currently working on a Nikolai II type set, have all in BU except the copper 5 Kopeks of 1911 and then I need to redo the gold that I sold off, I had a complete type set from 5 Rubles to 15 Rubles but sold it when I went to Ukraine.

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