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Guess the serial - Round 3 :)

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This time, the serials are on the obverse, and I've covered them, to be sure we don't have an easy solution.


The serialprovider today, is a 20 Francs 1956 from Belgium.






The format of the serial is as follows: A23 456789


First digit is a letter.

Second digit is the value of the letter, and is also found on another place in the serial

The sum of the fourth, fifth and sixth digit is also a digit that can be found in the serial.

There are a lot of couples in this one.


The last digit can be found 1 time on the obverse of this banknote (outside the serial).

The sum of al digits (excluding the letter) is a multiplication of 2 prime numbers (Wikipedia).




Everyone can post their guess once a day, and every day at noon (forumtime), I will tell how much out of 9 or right. Please do not edit your postings. Post a new one every day, so others can use the guesses as extra help.



The person that guesses the serial gets this banknote, and maybe even some other goodies that are in my reach on packingday.

If you don't collect banknotes, guess anyway. Then I will send you some nice coins, and I'll send the banknote to the runner up of your choice :ninja:

Good luck!









The Guess-list:




B15 301933




A18 332144

B25 243123

B26 106982

C36 311552

E55 332852

E56 341484

H14 211421




B02 653742

B22 115532

D48 332482

E56 201233

E56 121357

H81 071873




B21 234567

C34 115700

C37 113225

D41 220066

F64 223376

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Here is my guess Jos,


Thanks for the contest



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OK second try



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