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Guess the serial, and run of with the goodies!!!

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Hi guys & gals,


Here is a 200 Korun of the Czech Republic that is desperatly looking for a new home.




Guess the serial, and be the first ;)


It is of the following format: A12 345678


Here are the golden tips!


First digit: is a letter, that can be replaced by its value which is also one digit (for example a=1, b=2, ... & i=9)

Second digit: is that same number as the value of the letter

Third digit: is the number of kids I have

Fourth and fifth digit are consecutive (for example: 3 & 4)

Sixth digit: the sum of the seventh and eight digit

Seventh and eight digit are consecutive

Last digit: fourth digit minus the eight digit


The sum of all digits (excluding the value for the letter) is also a number that is made up of 2 consecutive digits


Digit n°2 & 5 can be found outside the serial on this banknote. (not exclusive! others may be too!)

edit: Second and Fifth digit can be found elsewhere on the banknote (don't you see other number hanging around on the note? :ninja:) Other digits may also be on the banknote, so don't panic if your solution has more than those 2 digits already mentioned on the note.



Everyone can post their guess once a day, and I will try to tell how much out of 9 or right. Please do not edit your postings. Post a new one every day, so others can use the guesses as extra help.


The person that guesses the serial gets this banknote, and maybe even some other goodies that are in my reach on packingday.

If you don't collect banknotes, guess anyway. Then I will send you some nice coins, and I'll send the banknote to the runner up of your choice ;)


Good luck!











List of guesses, sorted by number of digits right:




B20 975235




B20 455232

B20 235230




B23 785234

B23 345231




B20 231634




A12 563123

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Digit n°2 & 5 can be found outside the serial on this banknote. (not exclusive! others may be too!)


Thanks a bunch for doing this, Jos! But I don't understand that one comment I quoted... :ninja: can you explain it to me?



Here's my first guess:





I got it narrowed down to 29 combinations I think. Only YOU can help me narrow it down to 1!

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The correct answer has been given, by PM, but that person can't post untill noon. So everyone that finds the answer before noon (forumtime, now 8AM), will be in a draw. ;)


Send it to me by PM!


Good luck!


AHHH!!!!! :ninja: I think I got it! I made such a dumb dumb dumb DUMB mistake when making my program to figure it out! I didn't read one clue correct. I fixed it, used the other submissions as hints. And so I think I finally got it. Can't wait to find out!!! Yikes!

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Oops.. I really need to learn to read


Ya think? :ninja:


No harm done.


It's just surprising how fast this has been solved. I wil have to make this harder the next time ;)


Still 1 hour left ;)


Keep those PM's coming ;)

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