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Grant Ness

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Does anyone have recommendations for online stores that sell notes


Growing up, i've had a natural aversion to EBay (was scammed as a kid, bought defective goods, paypal frozen accounts etc), so i've always sought out regular online stores to make purchases because if something went wrong, i have the almight chargeback to render assistance. Backstory aside; Does anyone have recommendations for an online store that has good pricing (i know this is subjective based on what you buy) and is reliable and reputable? Recommendations are cheerfully accepted to help accelerate my collection.


- Ness

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here are a few stores i've personally used. Every single one of them has been professional, shown excellent customer service, and i've never had a problem with any of our transactions. definitely shop around though. some of these places have excellent selections and are extremely pricy, while others have even better selections, rock bottom prices, and a habit for throwing in discounts. :ninja:


keep in mind that i'm listing these places as a reference from my own personal experiences. i'm not promoting any one over another, and other people's experiences with them might differ from mine. there are plenty of other online shops out there, but i've only listed the places i've used & find myself coming back to.


world notes

ATS Notes (Canada)

Barry Boswell (UK)

CoinCraft (UK)

Compagnie Generale de Bourse (France)

E-World Banknotes (Austria)

Kates Paper Money (UK)

Kelly's Computer Shop

Michael Morris

Middle East Banknotes

Mynt & Seddel (Norway)

Pages Coins & Currency

Pam West British Notes (UK)

u.s. notes

Centurial Collectibles

Crutch Williams (Republic of Texas & CSA notes)

Denly's of Boston

Don C. Kelly

High Denomination

US Rare Currency







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Here's one Banknotes.com

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And My Comments on SM's recommendations


ATS Notes (Canada) Very quick, communication all through the sale, great selection and easy to navigate site.

Barry Boswell (UK) Great, especially for British notes

Compagnie Generale de Bourse (France) Better to visit in person, an excuse to travel to Paris

Kates Paper Money (UK) Will find out.

Pam West British Notes (UK) Lots of purchases in the past from Pam West when I collected more Scottish material, she always has very high end British, Irish and Guernsey, Isle of Man etc.

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R.M. Smythe


I've dealt with this firm multiple times in Baltimore. They have a great website with good pics and descriptions. The prices are decent. And their staff is friendly and helpful. I'm like you, pretty apprehensive about eBay and sight-un-seen dealers.

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