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A Big HI! from Canada!

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Hey guys!

To keep it short and sweet: I'm a collector from Canada, starting his rather cliche collection of quarters from circulation. It's gonna be a hell of a time getting that Bobcat quarter ;)

Mostly collect Canadian coins, seeing how I get them in my pocket change everyday, but that world junk bin at the store is temp-ting!

Anyways, glad to be here, can't wait to get out and POST! :ninja:

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Welcome, fellow Canuck. Don't give up on the Bobcat. I thought the same thing, too, but managed to find one in the register at work one day. It was my second silver quarter! But alas, I haven't found any in my change since I left that job. I've been having trouble finding the provincial quarters to help my son complete his set, though.

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Welcome aboard, we like Canadians, we must because we actually have King Rodney of Canada here on our very ownest forum. :ninja:


If you think the Bobcat 25¢ is a bit scarce, trying getting one here, I can get just about everything else from circulation, with the exception of the Poppy 25¢ coins.

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They let you become canadian without knowing who this is?


Im sure it was on the test.


I believe it was right after the curling portion. :ninja:


But since you only needed 12 out of 20 correct, we're bound to miss a few. I know I failed the ice skating part. ;)

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