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1949 Eisenhower Dime


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That is some neat dime. I'd disagree with their grading - things like no rim on the coin, but to have the only Eisenhower dime ever produced I'd put up with some poor grading. :ninja:

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Jumping to conclusions. This seller might know something about the personal life of our past presidents. Now for instance if Eisenhower was using a stage name like a movie star for protection purposes and his real name was Roosevelt, then..... On the other hand if Roosevelt was really a relative of Eisenhower and didn't want the populace to know that, he would use a stage name of Eisenhower. Or if both of them were using stage names then you really don't know the name of that coin. If this guy is correct I may have something with my complete Eisenhower Dime collection.

Anyone here collect the Roosevelt Half Dollars?

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