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  1. That's hilarious! Somebody there has quite a sense of humor.
  2. Mr Lee

    key dates

    Liberty Nickels: 1885 1886 1912-S and if you're really brave..... 1913
  3. The pictures are too small. Could be a weak strike.
  4. Oooooh Aaaaah! Nice catch, GB.
  5. Thanks for the wonderful Give-Away. Please enter my name in the drawing.
  6. Wow! It looks better in your photos than the other guy's. It's REAL hard to grade a coin by a picture because so many factors effect it's apprearence...Lighting and angle for example....but looking at your new scans, I would think maybe a 63. It all depends on what the nicks, hits and scrapes are like in person. A quick check at Vamworld, and comparing to a Vam 33, it seems that is correct. I can't tell about the obverse as your picture is a bit too small but you should be able to do so yourself with a loupe. As far as any die clashes, I don't see any there. Obverse or Reverse. The
  7. On a first impression, I'm going to say MS-62. There are lots of hits on the face and fields but the breast feathers look solid along with the high points on the obverse. It seems to also still have luster. Camera angle can have a lot to do with whether the hits are hidden or exaggerated. Only until you hold it will you know for sure.
  8. The majority of my Liberty Nickel collection is raw in good to very fine condition. I think you'd be suprised how inexpensive most of them are. Only the keys and semi-keys are high priced. I searched at coin shows to find dealers who had large selections to choose from, took my time and picked the best I could afford. I'd bet you could find 4 or 5 VF commons for under $25. They make such an interesting conversation piece too as most people are familiar with Buffalos but are completely unaware of the Liberty Nickels.
  9. Here's an 1881-S I picked off EBay awhile back. Paid a little over $20 if I remember correctly.
  10. DAMN! You just had to one up me, didn't you. That's a very nice proof. Congratulations. I got mine to complete my set because I just couldn't see spending the money on a low grade '85 when I could get a nice proof for just a little more. I'd like to have the whole set in proof but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Thanks for posting that. Lee
  11. I second that. Post 'em here. I know I'd like to see them and here is I always go first. BTW. Congrats on the completion. I've been trying for way too many years.
  12. "Avoid the temptation and leave the pig alone. " Actually, I overheard that from two girls sitting at the other end of the bar. I hope they weren't talking about me.
  13. Here's the Link: Ebay Link Some auctions are that way. Others are not. Maybe something the seller can request? I've seen it on a few for several weeks now. It's no better than making it "User ID Private."
  14. I've known people who have received coins from the 1800's in circulation but the oldest I've ever found was a 1913-S Lincoln cent. A couple years back, while at a gas station, the attendant showed me a Morgan Silver Dollar someone had just used to purchase gas. He didn't know what it was but he wouldn't part with it either.
  15. They also need to start making 9/10th cent coins so I can pay the exact amount at the gas pump.
  16. $425 in quarters.... from a slot machine.
  17. Except for those burn marks on your temples.
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