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Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread


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Just want to pass along this information for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.





Interesting -- wierd but interesting.

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Just letting people know it dosen't happen every day.


(And boosting my post count.)


Saturday morning...Nothin.



I think we need to keep checking, I will bring the 12 yr old Princess - she seems to find stuff, but stop posting if we don't find anything and then maybe we will get the goodies again. Well at least the Princess will. :ninja:

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I got an idea! How about we post in here when someone DOES find something in the coinstar!






No offense guys, but coming back to this thread genuinely interested in what you found and finding "nothing" all over the posts is a little irritating. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf... well, maybe not that bad :ninja:

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Not to agrevate this topic but I've been wondering if CoinStar has changed their rejection criteria. The machines that I check here have been dry of rejects for several months now.

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