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  1. That really sucks ....... hopefully it wont happen in the US an time soon. :C
  2. I don't collect them (I don't own any) but they are neat. I've seen some of your beauties Bob! CC
  3. Hey CoinPeople! I released my first (good) YouTube video today! You can view it here: What do y'all think? Do you think it's good/informative? I would like to hear your honest opinions on it! Thanks! CC
  4. Hi and welcome to this great site! Can you give us better pics? I'm inclined to agree with ccg, but it does look odd. CC
  5. Wow I love reading this thread you guys!! My most recent find wasn't from change but a roll. I got a 1956D Dime in $400. Priceyeah, that's a sweet offcenter Dime! Congratulations!
  6. WELCOME BOB! FANCY meeting you here my good friend! Glad ya joined! CC
  7. Thanks for sharing that with us Roger! That is extremely interesting, especially how you found it out!
  8. I sold my first career coin, an 1876 FA2 Quarter for $10 in January.
  9. I agree, acetone would clean it off nicely without destroying its color. CC
  10. I would offer roughly $4,000 to start. Hope this helps!
  11. When I used it to remove corrosion on a G4 1913 Lincoln cent, it did not wash out the coin's color or ruin its circulation toning. It goes on and very quickly evaporates, after it removes the corrosion. Tomorrow I'll clean an old penny with acetone and report what happens. CC
  12. I haven't seen any 2012's. I'm in California.
  13. Using a cotton swab soaked in acetone can work very well to remove the corrosion. I have done this before on common coins, and the acetone does not usually destroy the coin's original color. Just my two cents. CC
  14. I love it Alan. Thanks for sharing it. Sample slabs are a really neat branch hobby of Numismatics.
  15. It looks EF Details, PVC Damage. Nice coin anyway, I like the bold detail.
  16. I agree with ccg, it looks cleaned AU, but it is a very nice coin bud!! I think it was an ok deal. CC
  17. My 1916D Mercury Dime, certified AG3 by NGC. (And I personally think it's an undergraded G4) Here are pics:pt 1921D PCGS G06 CC
  18. Top 3 that I own? 1. 1916D Mercury Dime NGC 2. 1909S Lincoln Cent G-4BN NGC 3. 1804 Half Cent, Crosslet Four, Stems To Wreath Dreams? (Realistically) 1916D Mercury Dime, AU 1901S Barber Quarter G-4 1796 Bust Quarter CC
  19. Here is a 1926S I paid $10 for.
  20. Though I can't see the pics that well on my phone, looks like you got a beauty! CC
  21. $400 for a 1916D Mercury Dime. What do you think NGC Graded it as? CC
  22. 1. Buy the 1921P&D Mercs to complete ny regular issue key date Mercury Dime set. 2. Buy and sell a lot of Coins to make money to add more key Coins to my collection. 3. Buy an 1809 Dime 4. Get my Numismatic forum launched. CC
  23. IMHO, It looks MS-64RD, Environmental damage. That strange green toning bothers me. CC
  24. Hi, I'm Coincrazed, 16 year old Coin Collector/Budding Dealer. It's great to see y'all! I collect mainly U.S. Coins, particularly Classic U.S. Coins and early Dimes. CC
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