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  1. yeah i thought so thanks for the help ccg i have hundreds of king george v pennies what are the years i should look for in good cond apart from the obvious thanks
  2. hi everyone i recently purchased this australian 1935 penny and think it is a really nice coin can anybody help me with a grade and maybe a realistic price thanks in advance everybody the more opinions the better
  3. hi i have a number of old pennies that would have been very nice coins if it wasnt for this surface rust? is there any way of removing it without wrecking the coin any more than it already is ?
  4. hi everyone i recently managed to pick up a 1915H halfpenny but im not sure what grade to call it so if you could help me with a grade and value and also are they really as rare as everyone is telling me ? please help me with this coin thanks in advance.
  5. the value of the note in fine in 2011 greg mcdonald catalogue value is $265 but im after what a collector would pay for it as i never can get book value
  6. hi i just got this banknote of a friend who is a dealer and i just want to know if he had a lend of me or not could you all please tell me your honest opinion on the value of this note with "the devils number" in the serial please help me out
  7. hi i have a 1939 sheehan/ mcfarlane ten shilling note it has a solid 666 in the numbers vf condition i guess what i want to know is does this devils number add any value to the note and if so how much? thanks in advance
  8. Thanks gx do you know if there was a commemorative reason behind it?
  9. That is it gx do you know what they might be worth and if they are rare and any info you might know about it I can't find much about it myself Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all Justin here. I collect almost anything coins stamps any antiques and rare collectables I have only been collecting for 9 years but fairs fair I'm only 24. I love my australian pre decimal and commonwealth / proclamation coins and banknotes I also like roman / Byzantine coins Hope to find some mates here Cheers
  11. Hi just after some info and a value of a 1970 royal Australian mint Canberra medallion in the case in mint condition. It is quite large and has all the Australian coins in circulation on one side and a building with canberra written on it on the other. I think it is made of bronze ? Please any info would be appreciated thanks in advance
  12. Hi anybody know what the 1970 medallion is worth I have one in mint condition thanks in advance
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