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  1. Ian, that's a nice group! My coin has a few little issues; I bought it recently for $500. I feel that was a good price. "Imitative" owl tetradrachms, struck in the Levant or Egypt, are determined by stylistic differences. There are small, but important details on my coin that I believe are indicative of minting in Athens. It is also full weight (17.12gr), also a good sign.
  2. Thanks! An interesting historical footnote on Hieron II is his favorable review in Machiavelli's The Prince "For even while a private citizen his merit was so remarkable...he lacked nothing a king should have save his kingdom".
  3. Syracuse Sicily, Hieron II 275-215 BC, AE18, 5.74g Obv: Head of Poseidon left Rev: Ornamental trident, dolphin to each side "IER-WNOS" below
  4. KurtS


    Interesting coin!
  5. A nicely detailed, smaller Roman with great patina. A good example of what you can get for just $9 Valens AE3, RIC 16b, struck 364-367 AD at Constantinople/4th. Officina OBV: DN VALEN-S PF AVG, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right REV: GLORIA RO-MANORVM, emperor advancing right, holding labarum and dragging captive behind him. Mintmark: CONSP Delta
  6. Thanks--I agree this is an iconic coin, one I've wanted to own for years. This didn't set me back too far compared to most owl tets offered--but yes, it's not a coin I would buy every month;--you're welcome to guess the price paid. The other Greeks I've pictured are comparable in price to Romans in better grades, and cheaper than many US "classic" coins--I purchase carefully.
  7. 24mm, 17.12 gr. A "classical" style owl tetradrachm.
  8. Obviously, it's not Greek; that's Elagabalus. I just posted that coin as an example of dark patina/desert patina on a silver coin. This coin is indeed silver--it was subjected to cleaning, strpping down to the silver. I won't post the cleaned pictures; they are shocking.
  9. I wondered if this was a decadrachm too--but I have not rerferenced your coin against known copies. Obviously area and valuable if genuine. I have sieen a similar desert patina on silver coins:
  10. Thanks, and it looks like what I wrote is hard to read--it is Artemis.
  11. Thrace, Apollonia Pontika drachm 5-4th C. BC., 17mm, 2.75gr, Obv. Gorgoneion with tongue protruding, Rev. Anchor; A in left field, crayfish in right field.
  12. Sicily, Syracuse. Agathokles. 317-289 BC. AE24 Litra. Period 4, circa 295 BC. SWTEIRA, head of Artemis right, in triple-pendant earring & necklace, quiver over shoulder. Reverse, Winged thunderbolt, AGAQOKLEOS above, BASILEOS below 9.58 gr
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