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    PCGS Rattlers, ANACS Photo Certs, old TPG Holder, Ikes, I collect them all!

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  1. Our local coin shop has a coin counter and will run them thru it for a fee. He could count and sort them for you. I guess you could get them back. You would have to look thru them for any silver. And I hear the coin star machines will kick out the silver coins for some reason. I have found one silver dime from them. But you will not get them back.
  2. Here is a very early holder that I thought you might like to see. I bought it at the Sept Long Beach show. 1834 Classic Head Five dollar gold, plain 4, no motto. only 5 dates to this type 34-38
  3. Sample slabs with Morgan and Peace dollars are common and for sale on ebay all the time. PCGS has the 1921 PDS Morgan and I have only seen one 1923-S peace dollar for sale. NGC has lots of both dollars in the sample slabs. I have even seen them graded MS-60 with a green CAC sticker, Don't know why they were not gold stickers, I guess just beat up dollars in the holders.
  4. Just look at the gold futures and look at 3 or 6 months of data. If it is at the low for the time frame then buy but if at the high point I would wait. It is all just a giant monopoly game.
  5. I have only seen the pictures of them. Listed in the Judd book of patterns.
  6. Yes there is a number of them for that very reason. and that's where you need to know something about grading and value. I see a lot of MS-70 coins for sale on eBay at very high prices but in a out of business holder these people think they have a valuable coin but it only grade a AU-58 at best and nobody want it at a bargain MS price.
  7. Yes, I do collect the plastic but that's because I just can't afford the proofs from the 1880's and modern coin age just doesn't do it for me. So collecting the plastic is a way for me to enjoy the hobby for kings that I can afford. And I also collect all that plastic that is out of business and there are some odd balls out there. Like this one I attached.
  8. Here is one of my old ANACS Sample Slabs. At Sampleslabs by C. Kiefer it is list as type 1.1 And in the new book Sample slabs by David Schwager it is listed as ANACS-025-1-1
  9. Yes I can and here is my link and I will add it to my signature line. I have two showcase set that are at the bottom of the screen and you will need to scroll down. I also have my coin album which I have ANACS Photo cert and Samples, and out of business holders (the other stuff that PCGS does not let you put into a set.) But I have posted pictures of them on many of the forums. http://www.pcgs.com/SetRegistry/OtherSets.aspx?m=32594
  10. Finish my PCGS number Ike set and find two rattlers for my short merc set with FB and with out FB.
  11. Plus It takes up less room. Safes only hold so much.
  12. Funny little story. You guys are too funny.
  13. rjp

    legit coin?

    Looks nice! Seems like you should be happy! I beleive you got it at a fair price.
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