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  1. Hi Josh, nice to hear from you again. How are you? Nice coins coming your way? Happy hunting, Sigi
  2. Hi lostdiamond, and welcome here! Thank you for showing your nice coins. I compared them with what I showed. It seems to me that your 2nd coin is identical to my 2nd coin on both sides. Whereas your 1st coin looks like a combination of my 2nd cipher side and my 1st eagle side. That would make us deal with 3 different variants - what do you think? Sigi
  3. I had watched those magnificent coins, too . But at BU coins that old - how to be sure that they are genuine? Of course they are or become genuine because of their pedigree as coming from a renowned auction sale and the price they fetched there. There are good reasons to be happy with circulated - doubtlessly honest - coins. They have lived and if they only could speak. That is what brains tell but the next supernice old pyatak will be tempting again.... Happy hunting - Sigi .
  4. As the 1791 E:M: (Paul's re-overstrike) is a pretty rare coin, I wouldn't have expected that it is still subdivided by different pairs of dies. The above 2 pieces differ on both sides: On the cipher side the cipher's E lies over the I or under it, the second 1 of 1791 is either upright or slanting, etc. The eagle's tails are different (longer or shorter), the E: is in line with the upper two tail feathers or with the 2nd and 3rd tail feathers, etc. Sigi .
  5. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    The last digit of the coin above, the 5kop1781СПМ, is manipulated, I have held this coin in hand and under the microscope. I think it was discussed in this forum a while ago. I do not remember any novodel as an overstrike. As to the purchase of my coin - the seller is obviously not a coin man. This was the only coin among his other stuff. I doubt that he knows about real coins, copies or fakes. As there are only copies of the 10kop1796 on eBay, he must have made his price according to theirs. Seeing it on eBay at £48 "buy it now" I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, then hurried to buy it before anyone else. It looked like the real thing. Even in hand color and surface look old and trustworthy. But Eugene convinced me - it is an imitation to say the least. I feel ashamed that even after my 56 years of coin collecting experience I was fooled. Now that I have it I'll tolerate it as a filler. It looks old and attractive, other than the normal copies and I do not expect to ever get the real coin. Sigi
  6. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    I watched the Russian forum's reaction, the replies are enigmatic to me, nothing concrete to bring the matter forward. Anyway, the coin serves at least as a filler, I am happy to have found it at a give away price. Should I see another one, I'll post it. Sigi
  7. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    Thank you, especially for solving my little problem with authority. At first glance I took it for the real thing but you opened my eyes. Sigi
  8. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    About 2 weeks ago.
  9. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    Hi Eugene, thank you for your research and comments. Today I checked my coin against all the m-dv picures, originals and novodely. As you said the only match is with Künker's auction of Dec.3, 2015, then this same coin appeared again 1/2 year later at Aleksandr on May 27, 2016. I saw mine cheap at an eBay Britain "buy it now" offer. I think I was very lucky to see it instantly after insertion and reacted right away. The seller was reluctant revealing it's provenance, upon my 2nd inquiry he answered laconically, "I had some family who spend time in Russia working". I had never seriously considered the type because out of reach. Now I am very happy with it, as the link between Ekaterina's 5-kopek and Paul's reoverstrikes. It is old and looks close enough to the original. Of course I'll be on the lookout now for upcoming matches. Happy hunting 😳 Sigi
  10. sigistenz

    10 kopek 1796 - novodel or business strike?

    Eugene, that looks pretty convincing 😕. As the coin is real old I had not thought of a copy. It is very smooth, not cast but overstruck. This nearly perfect overstrike must have required a very powerful press, the kind used in the mint. Tomorrow I'll take the coin out of the bank to compare it with the m-dv pictures. Thank you for your great research job - again improving my knowledge of the matter. Sigi
  11. This coin is definitely old, it weighs 48,25 grams. The pictures of business strikes and old novodels do not differ much. As the foot of the 7 is hook shaped, I think it is rather an old novodel. What do you think? Thank you, Sigi
  12. Thank you for the demonstration and explanation of the screw press, there is always something new (or long forgotten, coming back to mind). It is indeed quite likely that the 3 differently placed die impressions on the cipher side are due to a loosening and slipping upper die. Before the operator realized and could switch off power the press struck a second and a third time. The 3 strikes flattened and widened the coin to an enormous diameter of 51mm (instead of the normal 45). See the compression on both rims of the edge. Sigi
  13. Something went wrong but I cannot imagine how this happened . The two jaws of the screw press holding a die each should meet centered. Thus the 3 strikes should show similarly on both sides - or was the screw press falling apart? Can anybody explain why the nominal side does not show likewise 3 impressions? Thank you for your consideration and reflections, Sigi
  14. Your patience and perseverance was finally awarded - congratulations to your find All the features are clearly showing. As I am focusing on the copper 5 and 10 kopeks only, I cannot comment much to this coin. What does it make so particular? Our friend Eugene is on vacation now. I am sure that he will have his word to say about it. Happy hunting, Sigi
  15. The 1758 MM is a difficult date and even more so in acceptable shape. Thank you for showing this type of wing. DAJ, my collection can still be viewed at www.sigistenz.com I do not know if the link will work from this post. Sigi