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  1. The 1758 MM is a difficult date and even more so in acceptable shape. Thank you for showing this type of wing. DAJ, my collection can still be viewed at www.sigistenz.com I do not know if the link will work from this post. Sigi
  2. Belatedly I now inserted the 1758 MM which I had overlooked. It is a representative of type I same as Ekaterinburg. I appreciate your research Sigi
  3. HI Eugene, congratulations for finding an outstanding coin again and thank you for another important contribution to numismatics. You widened my horizon once again. As to now I did not care much about the scrolls but there are indeed distinct variants and you categorize them as to provenience and abundance. I got the 1758 scrolls type I (Ekaterinburg and Moscow), type II, and type IV, see them in that order below. Sigi
  4. Thank you all. And happy hunting Sigi
  5. I could not resist to doctor the dull looking coin a bit, stripped it of some sort of old wax and most of the verdigris. In hand I like it better than before. Sigi .
  6. Thank you Eugene and Igor. A 5kop1793 no mintmark was listed in the DUBLETTEN sale, unpictured (Adolph Hess, Frankfurt Germany 1932 - Dubletten Russischer Museen). As the Michailovich coin was in the Novgorod Museum it might well have been the one in the Dubletten sale. I'll try to inquire at Künker's. Sigi
  7. There was a 5kop1793 Paul's reoverstrike in the latest KÜNKER sale. At first glance it looked like just another Paulian 1793EM. Only when comparing my own 1793EMs with the picture it struck me that the KÜNKER coin lacked the "EM" mintmark. WOW. Looking the coin up in my catalogs was worth an even bigger WOW - the KÜNKER coin is the MICHAILOVICH specimen!!!, the same picture later borrowed by Brekke, Bitkin, Yusupov, Diakov etc. The identical MICHAILOVICH picture everywhere. In the Corpus it says, that the coin was in the Novgorod museum - the Grand Duke did not even own it himself!! WOW. I had the very very faint hope that the coin might pass under the radar of most people - and Bingo! I won it at EURO1600 / $1980. Awful heap of money for me (don't tell my wife) but I never had dreamed of a coin with this pedigree. It is safe to assume that there is no shaved off "EM" and that the anonymous coin was struck at the Novgorod auxiliary mint. See the Michailovich coin above and the Künker coin below. Sigi
  8. sigistenz

    1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Hi, we missed you. Welcome back! Sigi
  9. sigistenz

    What are these tokens

    Thank you Eugene, but I do not understand completely. To my knowledge there was no coal mined in the Petersburg region, what kind or measure of a box, why the odd 3/4? Does anyone know ? Sigi
  10. sigistenz

    What are these tokens

    That is a real nice one. What do the abbreviations say? Sigi .
  11. sigistenz

    Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    Wonderful - thank you for sharing! Sigi
  12. sigistenz

    1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Isn't it 1811 date? .
  13. sigistenz

    1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Hi, your coin is in average condition and it is pretty common. It would not reach $10. Sigi .
  14. sigistenz

    The 1757 Sestroretsk 5 kopeks

    Hi Eugene, that looks very interesting, indeed. Would you communicate the link of the thread in the Russian forum? Thank you, Sigi .
  15. M.E.DIAKOV wrote in his 2002 RUSSIAN COINS OF ELIZABETH I AND PETER III: "According to a 1757 Sestroretsk temporary mint report, the mint struck 5080000 5-kopeck-pieces, but no examples are known to exist." Has there been found further information about the matter in the meantime? Sigi .