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  1. Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    Wonderful - thank you for sharing! Sigi
  2. 1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Isn't it 1811 date? .
  3. 1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Hi, your coin is in average condition and it is pretty common. It would not reach $10. Sigi .
  4. The 1757 Sestroretsk 5 kopeks

    Hi Eugene, that looks very interesting, indeed. Would you communicate the link of the thread in the Russian forum? Thank you, Sigi .
  5. M.E.DIAKOV wrote in his 2002 RUSSIAN COINS OF ELIZABETH I AND PETER III: "According to a 1757 Sestroretsk temporary mint report, the mint struck 5080000 5-kopeck-pieces, but no examples are known to exist." Has there been found further information about the matter in the meantime? Sigi .
  6. Images of Elizabeth overdates on 2 and 5 kopecks

    Sorry, I cannot show any overdates of the period - I do not have any in my collection. Will be on the lookout. Sigi .
  7. 5 kop.1787EM - new(1788) type - Bitkin R4

    Great! Thank you Sigi .
  8. 5 kop.1787EM - new(1788) type - Bitkin R4

    In my French edition (Quarterman) of GM the pictures are not very sharp. Impossible to see the overdate. It shows only when enlarged, see below. You seem to have the rare and expensive original edition of GM? Yours is a wonderful sharp picture. Both the (funny looking) 8s have something underlying, the 2nd "8" is clearly over 7 - but what about the 1st "8" ? Is it over a “1“? I can't imagine anything else though it is absurd. 1788/17 overdate? Josh, you are right, I enjoy this very much, too. Sadly enough the forum has lost much of its previous bustle. Let's try to contribute more. Sigi . . Ah, before I forget - Eugene said the new dies were made in EM and sent to СПМ for approval. I had expected new dies being made in СПМ?
  9. 5 kop.1787EM - new(1788) type - Bitkin R4

    Eugene, lucky you.That is a great coin you hunted down, it is much much better than mine. It is undoubtedly the 1788/7 overdate. The die of the monogram side looks like mine (see the top crown), except for the date ciphers. They seem to have been punched into the die with a different set of punches. The eagle side is slightly different, your left eagle has no tongue, the inner side of your left wing looks different from mine. Look at the NY sale picture above and at Diakov's catalog entry - no two of all the coins seen here are alike. Funny, isn't it? Congratulations to your outstanding coin Sigi .
  10. 5 kop.1787EM - new(1788) type - Bitkin R4

    Probably because the new dies were introduced during the current year. In our case that must have happened just before the end of the 1787 date. (I think I read somewhere that the mint year did not correspond to the calendar year). Sigi .
  11. The 2003 DIAKOV, RUSSIAN COINS OF CATHERINE II listed a hitherto unknown coin, a 5 kopek 1787EM struck from dies which appeared only the year later (from1788 on). I rubbed ,my eyes: how come that this coin had never been mentioned in any of the earlier reference books? A new discovery? Most unlikely, very suspicious.... See the DIAKOV entry copied below But then the 2nd edition of Bitkin (also 2003) listed it, too, as #638a (R4) without picturing it, Could the coin be true, after all? Then in the 2014 NY sale one of them appeared in photograpy, fetched $7'000, see m-dv's picture of it below My doubts nearly disappeared but then I found proof that 1787 dies of the new design had existed - the coin below. It clearly is an 1787 overdated to 1788. Had there been dies of the 1787 new design there would have been at least a few experimental strikes. The coin is of modest grade but I am proud to have my 1787EM(new dies) even though overdated 1788. Sigi
  12. Is the collecting hobby changing?

    I regret very much that there are no more posts here in the forum. Of course it is my fault, too Will put something the next days, Let's give it a new start altogether Sigi .
  13. Lucky copper overstrike

    That is indeed most exceptional, the eagle fits perfectly in the cipher. Great coin - congrats! Sigi .
  14. I'd also agree to old novodels. Did you notice the almost illisible "UNIVERSITÄT GÖTTINGEN" overlaying the pictures? Looks like that German university owns the coins? Sigi .
  15. Hi Eugene, your wonderful book arrived today - thank you! It will however take me a while to peruse it - a challenge to improve my Russian Best, Sigi .