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Well, apparently this could have potentially been a case of fraud. 22 days and 5 mails after payment via paypal.... na-da. No replies, no coin, etc. I've contacted a couple of folks that won much more expensive coins in the same auction set and they are in the same boat. One spent over 4k on two coins and the other is out about 800 on 3 coins. The first said that they have reported this to the state police fraud unit. I've started the paypal funds recovery process. Anyone else run into this before on ebay. Anyone see anything in the auction that should have raised a red flag?


It may be premature to say, but this really appears to be a well planned scam. Seller has good feedback, has been on ebay for 3 years, auctions looked legit,, mine even had a correction in it as the original pictures were not correct.


Monies only enough to my as.s a rash,, but I feel somewhat obligated to pursue legally to ensure that other folks don't get hit by the same thing. Any ideas?


Will ebay or paypal pursue them legally?

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Yes, the account could have been hijacked and the original seller himself might not have realized it. 3 years doesn't mean a single thing especially when the seller has not been selling or buying actively for the past 6+ months.


Perhaps Paypal will do something if you showed that you paid him and he is not responding. I had a troublemaker in the past, and I had to post all my original receipts to eBay department and got my money back via paypal.

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