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Australia Circulating Coinage


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A few years back I won a competition on r.c.c. The prize was a 1986 proof set which this coin is from.


The competition went along the lines of `there's an Australian coin that provides positive evidence that there are aliens hiding right here on earth. Which coin is it?'


Well, this is the coin. if you look very closely at Mrs Echidna's nose you'll see the alien in hiding. :ninja:



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A very rare coin I have had for few years - a 5 cent struck on a 1 cent planchet. The one cent is a smaller blank and is 97% copper. The Echidna looks really good on the copper as opposed to the silvery Cu-Ni.




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👽i must be blind!? Cos I honestly don’t see the bloody alien! I’ve heard about them... & it’s definitely a rather famous mule - yeah? But alas - I admit I am still yet to truly see anything other than just a scratch or two on poor Miss Echidna’s head! 

On 8/17/2007 at 12:11 AM, Scottishmoney said:

Should we have a limit on the number of Oz posts here? Really, are you trying to get us hooked on this stuff already? Then I will be hitting you and GX up for more. :ninja:

Haha classic...😋

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